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OSX WebDav

Apache Configuration Details

The main page for this topic (webdav module) says:

 Mac OS X fails to connect without a correct OPTIONS response. mod_php will
 pass OPTIONS requests to Gallery, so the response includes DAV headers, however Apache won't pass OPTIONS requests to scripts, so if you use 
 php-cgi, you must use mod_rewrite and mod_headers to set these headers instead.
 Under Mac OS X WebDAVFS, the docs don't say how to connect as a specific user. Is this possible?

So what are the specifics of how to configure Apache to do this? And how can I diagnose the problem in the first place (get "Error Code -50" dialog, which doesn't tell me diddly (see Support site describing error codes ). I'm a longtime Apache administrator, so I'd be glad to do a writeup here of the procedure (at least for LINUX-based Apache) if someone can point me at some references.

Note: I have already tried to implement/deploy most of the Troubleshooting [1] section in the "admin" part of this wiki to no avail so far.

Incidentally, I'm running the latest version of Leopard.


Thanks for trying the WebDAV module, and thanks for offering to improve the documentation. Basically the trick is to redirect OPTIONS requests to a directory containing a .htaccess which sets the necessary headers on all responses. There is a Gallery rewrite module rule for this, which the WebDAV module tries to automatically activate.

This is the .htaccess file which uses mod_headers to set WebDAV response headers:

WRT debugging OS X - I agree the error messages are cryptic - probably because their WebDAV implementation is buried beneath some file system API. It wasn't a helpful tool for debugging. I found the best tool for debugging was the Linux `tcpflow` command. It was introduced to me while working on the Gallery WebDAV module and I've used it on many projects since. `sudo tcpflow -C -i lo port http | less` will dump HTTP network traffic on the loopback interface into a pager like less.

Please follow up if you would like more clarification. Best wishes, Jack

(Initial post under this toipc)

Under Mac OS X WebDAVFS, the docs don't say how to connect as a specific user. Is this possible?


Hmm, good point. If you attempt an action for which you don't have sufficient permission, the user is prompted for their Gallery username and password. However, what if the anonymous user has sufficient permission, but you want to perform the action (e.g. add an album) as a specific user? My first thought is you'd have to manually connect to '', but I can't confirm. Maybe this depends on the version of Mac OS X Finder? If it is the only way, perhaps we could add the active user's username to the URL Gallery suggests users manually enter in their WebDAV client... Jack


The konqueror instructions are too light. Typing in a URL like that doesn't do anything.

An error occurred while loading webdav://URL
The file or folder webdav://URL does not exist.

Ok, I guess it doesn't work because of server config issues.

WebDAV requests not handled

But mod dav is a dead end. With these items disabled, nothing happens. Hrm.

Oh, so I guess this document could be updated with a simple "if these instructions don't work for you, perhaps webdav has not been correctly set up. Check with your admin."

-- Sy / (talk) 09:33, 10 April 2007 (PDT)

Net Use

Hey could you not make a script. For windows users.

CMD or other. like this.

@echo off net use * http://gallery.domain/path to album .. /username passwd.

That would be nice. since webdav is natively in windows xp/vista clients.

so that this could be done automatic. like the Windows XP reg aternative.