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about and code

I am using G2X since 2006 and I have been more or less "online" on those sites. Trying to find informations, docs, modules in two sites is hard. See the large number of newcomers that do not know where to read first ?? on codex ? or to put a question on forum ? My suggestion would be to simplify them and unify them: not all the visitors are proffesional developers, not all of them are advanced users/installers.

As for the community of developers, my suggestion would to put a space(only one) for everybody to upload/list their modules/mods/hacks. And promote them! After all, if you focus on the core of the Gallery and coordination of developers, you can achieve more!

Just my thought, if you don't like, ignore!

about Gx

in general

I see the future of gallery as a media management platform, which consists of a minimal core (more like the platform/framework) with easily plug-able modules for everything you migh want. (easily plugable module means something like Joomla's upload zip and install) example: REORDER/REARRANGE - independent modules; someone uses REORDER, someone uses REARRANGE - but the platform allows!

features for administrator/developers

  • instead of userlinks, systemlinks to have something like: a module provides a list of links, some rights(permissions) with some default positioning (in system link, in user link, aso), then is up to admin/developer/maintainer to move any link in any list. plus the option to add by default new links in lists.
  • statistics - nothing more to say
  • newsletters - be able to inform your community somehow

features for users

  • web 2.0 frontpage: define yourself what you want on the frontpage, from a list of available blocks
  • more community related features: user is able to create groups, and to give permissions to those groups: friends/family/etc
  • powerfull, but improved UI permissions system
  • user avatars
  • user extra details
  • edit pictures inline - (crop/contrast/... filters) - pluggable
  • basic blog, forum
  • basic privacy stuff: public/hidden/with passwords/one of my groups/all my groups - only at album level!!!