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Add Custom Thumbs from Internet

From Gallery Codex

I discovered a neat trick for adding custom thumbnails directly from an internet url.

You'll need a tabbed browser like Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox.

  • In any tabbed browser, get the thumbnail or JPEG image on the display somewhere. I use Google Images.
  • Point at the image with your mouse, right click and select "Copy Image Location", you now have the URL in your clipboard

  • Below: In a second browser tab, navigate to the Gallery item for which you want a custom thumbnail and select "Edit Item"


  • Below: Find the Custom Thumbnail box at the bottom of the page and press the "Browse" button


  • Below: When the browse dialogue opens, touch the file name entry box with the mouse and press "SHIFT+INSERT" or use right click "paste". The url will appear in the file browse box.

File dialogue

Pasting the URL

  • Now press "OPEN" and you'll be returned to the Album page.
  • Below: Press "SAVE" and windows will fetch the URL image and feed it just like it was on the local computer.


  • You now have a nice custom thumbnail from an internet image, and it never hit your hard drive!


Very handy for snagging that extra descriptive image while you browse the internet.