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Author: Iain Lea (


Perl script that fetches images from a Gallery or local directory structure and creates a random image collage. It features inclusion or exclusion of specific images, random or sequential selection of images, and various output options. It can be useful for creating images for a screensaver.


Gallery G1 (currently working on G2 support)


Usage: [options] [file(s) | dir(s)]

      -a album  album from which to download images (default: all)
      -B        convert images to black & white in -m 3 collage mode
      -C color  background color in -m 3 collage mode (default: black)
      -d dir    directory of local gallery containing images
      -e text   exclude directories and/or images matching pattern
      -f mode   1=as-is 2=gallery.ext 3=gal%05d.ext (default: 1)
      -F file   image to use instead of default background in -m 3 collage mode
      -g url    URL of gallery (default:
      -G [1|2]  gallery version being accessed (default: v1.x)
      -i text   include directories and/or images matching pattern
      -l        list available albums for specified gallery 
      -m mode   1=sequential  2=random  3=collage (default: 1)
      -n num    output number of images and then exit
      -o dir    output images to this directory (default: .)
      -p pass   password to use to login to gallery
      -q        quiet mode (unless errors are encountered)
      -s secs   seconds to sleep before fetching next image (default: 15)
      -S size   image size in -m 3 collage mode (default: 1024x768)
      -u user   username to use to login to gallery (default: admin)
      -z        zap all image files that were output during session
      -h        help
      -v        verbose