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Gallery2:2.2.2 Change Candidates

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Changelog for Gallery 2.2.2

Changes in Gallery 2.2.2 since Gallery 2.2.1.

r16188 - Fix core upgrade notification in template

Fix core upgrade notification in template

An incorrect variable name (which, sadly we don't get a warning for from Smarty) causes us to fail to see the notification that there's a newer version of the core available. And a quick review of the text shows that one of the bullet points is confusing/unhelpful so I removed it.

r16216 - Fatal PHP error in fetchWebPage on too many redirects

Fix for bug 1693499 - Fatal PHP error in fetchWebPage on too many redirects. Was introduced in r15375 (in G2.2).

r16225 - Fix rewrite rule for embedded core.DownloadItem

Fix for bug 1693956. The core.DownloadItem RewriteRule had a wrong rewrite target URL, it included the sessionId from configuration time. This could well break an embedded G2.2 (losing the session, not seeing non-public content, etc).

r16237 - Uninstall warning

Fix for bug 1695294. Need stronger warning when uninstalling plugins.

r16360 - Delete+Uninstall warning

Fix for bug 1708282. Need stronger warning when deleting plugins if the plugin is installed.

r16263 + r16264 - Session Data Truncated

Fix for bug 1593803. Session data could be truncated on large imports from g1 with lots of data.

r16361 - Session Based Permission Issue in Digibug / Shutterfly

Fix for bug 1706657. Password-module or hidden-module protected items (both using session permissions) wouldn't be detected as non-public by the digibug and shutterfly modules and such items couldn't be printed.

r16368 + r16372 - Fix theme reset path if active theme is incompatible

Fix for bug 1711556. Our theme fallback code to allow admins to change the theme even if the active theme isn't compatible / avaible didn't work in G2.2 anymore.

Note: Include r16372 since r16368 introduced a very serious bug.

r16375 - Fix UnixPlatform.exec if g2data path has a space in it

One line change.

r16457 + r16459-61 - Store the table creation sql in the schema table

Workaround for bug 1721972.

r16458 - Strip markup from titles sent to Shutterfly

r16462 - Fix for webdav entity-type bug

Bugfixes from 2.2-experimental branch

We agreed not to include new features released via 2.2-experimental repository, but some changes there were bugfixes. These could be included in 2.2.2:

  • r16059 - randomhighlight pass-by-reference fix (part of r16117 in 2.2-experimental branch)
  • r16121 - mod_rewrite+embedded getCurrentUrlFix (part of r16122 in branch)
  • r16274 + r16275 + r16297 + r16473 - keyalbum fixes for UTF8 and html entities (part of r16277 and r16298 in branch)
  • r16315 - comment fix to avoid warning for item with no derivatives (r16316 in branch)
  • r16310 - fix minor information disclosure in hybrid/slider/tile themes (r16311 in branch)
  • r16260 - fix in slider theme to show all photo actions (r16261 in branch)
  • r16195 - avoid repeated exif callbacks in carbon theme (r16196 in branch)

r16486 - Wrong URL for Upgrading Instructions

r16407 - Update Keyword Album Test for cacheKey change

Only for test code...

r16497 - Added protected flag to the GDC::put

Added the protected flag to the GDC::put in GalleryStorageExtras so that the altered statements would not be cleared from the cache on the next GallerystorageExtras::execute call.

r16505 - Fix for WebDAV entity-type Patch

r16514 & r16515 - Changed the Schema table upgrade

  • r16514 changed the Schema table upgrade to not write the creation SQL if there is a table update pending.
  • r16515 update the comments in the source.

r16530 - Store and in GalleryPluginParameterMap

  • r16530 changed GalleryModule to store the contents of the and files as plugin parameters '_entities' and '_maps' respectively.

r16568 - Store the and in GalleryPluginParameterMap during activation

  • r16568 changed GalleryModule to store the contents of the and files as plugin parameters '_entities' and '_maps' respectively during activation. Also GalleryModule.class change in r16563 + r16568

r16569 - Fix upgrade SQL for DB2

r16573 - Raise DB2 Version Requirement to v9

r16569 was only half of the fix. "ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN" requires DB2 v9.

r16592- Fix infinite loop in core upgrade code

In upgrade code, loadPlugin() shouldn't be called with the version-check flag enabled. Else the plugin will get deactivated (which can lead to some deactivation event loops)

r16596 - DB2 Upgrade SQL Fixes

The MimetypeMap and SessionMap changes would fail without this patch.

r16491, r16595 - Adodb-db2 Fixes

Sequence related fixes in adodb code.

r16620/r16621 - Oracle TEXT-Medium Size too small - Switching Storage for Entities/Maps data

Storing the in the PluginParameterMap table triggered a long-known time-bomb. The Oracle data-type / column size for TEXT-MEDIUM is too small (4000 chars). It needs to be ~8000 chars to hold the serialized file. But we already use the max (4000) for varchar2.

Now the descriptor that is in for each table will be stored in the Schema table. The field size for the descriptor is TEXT-MEDIUM. We now also store the module id that defines the table and a map/entity indicator.

r16632 - Fix generated SQL for MS SQL Server