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Why have a Embedded Community?

  • The Embedded Applications are scattered over multiple forums / domains
  • Embedded Authors have one place to help each other
  • Better communications with the G2 Developers.

Expectations / Requirements

  • Embedded Community site requires the same professional look and organization as the existing G2 site.
  • It should be obvious that the site is linked to the official Gallery site.
  • Delegating the maintenance / administration (not just moderation) to a team not a single person.
  • Separate Forum(s) for all integrations.
  • Wiki
  • News Page


  • Ozgreg - domain - how about
  • Ozgreg - One Wiki works for me as long as each solution gets a namespace otherwise the Wiki could get a little crowded as the WPG2 already has 20+ pages of documentation.
  • Dari - As for moving, I've got a huge userbase (35,000 + users) and loads of topics in my forums. the users of the phpbb2, phpbb3, and phpnuke integrations have gotten used to, as i've had the site up for about 3 years. i'm -1 for moving, based solely on the amount of content and data that would have to be moved.
  • Dari - I'm also -1 for moving based on the fact that my site has been around for 3 years, and I've put a lot of time and effort into making it what it is today. As I stated in my email, it would take a serious incentive for me to drop nukedgallery and merge with others, and simply having a common domain name between the projects isn't incentive, since my users are used to going to nukedgallery for their integration support needs already. if anything, i think it will cause more confusion among them.
  • Dari - As discussed in -core and -devel, I'm ok with having phpBB2/phpBB3/PHPNuke forums in GMC, but have those forums link to the relevant forums at
  • Andy - Maybe subforums for the intergrations, or something like that because the forum list would become huge)
  • Andy - Domain - if it's not /, then or something that is obviously tied to an official domain would be a good idea. But I still prefer
  • Andy - wiki: we can use
  • Andy - GMC seems to be the obvious choice. It has forum+wiki+news, we have several people maintaining it.
  • Kieran - Maybe a separate voting system for common embed features. A way to try to bring embed code back into G2 to simplify things for all the embed devs.
  • Kieran - source control of integration code in the Gallery svn tree needs to be revisited.


  • GalleryEmbedded (wiki+forums) generates around 45,000 Visitors / Month
  • Traffic Roughly around the 3.5GB / Month
  • pushes 8-10GB/month, with ~200,000 visitors/month.