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Gallery2:Image Manipulation

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The idea of this project is to develop a 'WebBased Image Manipulation' module for Gallery. Gallery is a very good package for managing images.There are a lot of things which we can do with gallery.But surprisingly gallery does not come with many Image manipulation options.There are some basic operations like flip, rotate and resize.But it would be great if we could have a bigger set of image operations built into gallery so that even users without any image editing software on their computers can manipulate their images before they take prints.

In this project I would like to develop a separate Image manipulation module for Gallery. The module will be built into Gallery. Gallery is already configured to work with Imagemagick and Imagemagick comes with a vast variety of image manipulation operations. The idea of this project is to harness the power of Imagemagick through a simple web based front end so that users can use it in a very simple manner. more details of my approach on this project is mentioned here [1]

Once all these are done and tested then new image operations can be added in the same fashion. Most of the work will be in adding the forms and making the editing of images interactive by using javascript libraries like rico and scriptaculous or YUI.

Demo Details and Progress

You can see the demo at [2] username:visitor password:visitor u can have a look at ModifyPhoto tab in EditPhoto where i do the changes .

So far i started changing the frontend's look and feel and list out the features i am planning to include in gallery, i started with Rico and it i have no problem in using that, but since gallery is more used to YUI i started with that, but facing some problems like i cant able to click on the textboxes mean cant focus those using mouse click where i can do focus by tab key , fianlly i solved the problem by the help of bharat, i started working on my main Image Manipulations modules which are high priority than look and feel, i integrated Brightness,Flop,Negate,Monochrome,Paint,Emboss,Dither,Enhance,Solarize,Spread,Gaussian,Charcoal,SepiaTone,RadialBlur,Trim features with these almost all the features are covered and im planing to do one more Annotate parellel to writing Unit Test of these Image Manipulations already done,

More over i had good feedback and suggestions from my mentor Mr.Jack Bates and by Mr.Kartin on usablity features like "Global Undo" "last opened Tab " etc . i will try include these features for making gallery more Usable.

Regards Uday


User "setuid" suggested an alternative image editing interface: