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Gallery2:Localization Server

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Localization Server (l10n_server) is a tool for translating the Gallery interface strings into foreign languages. Using the GNU gettext standard l10n_server extracts user interface strings and presents them to translators through a web interface. Language groups allow delegation of role/right based permissions on a per language basis. Unauthenticated users are able to participate in translating with minimal effort by submitting suggestions. Language group administrators have the ability to accept or reject suggested translations.


Web Interface

  1. Select a language and module to translate
  2. Click "Edit"
  3. Enter translations

Manual Translation

You can download PO files for offline editing by selecting a language and project and clicking "export". After you finish modifying the PO file you can upload your changes by clicking import from the module page.



  1. Install the latest release of Drupal 5.x
  2. Extract l10n_server into the Drupal /modules directory
  3. Activate l10n_community, l10n_gallery, and l10n_groups modules in the Drupal administration
  4. Create a directory to store Gallery packages
  5. Activate the Drupal Cron task to parse Gallery packages
  6. Create a Cron job to fetch the latest Gallery packages



l10n_server was created specifically for translating the Drupal CMS and is implemented as a set of Drupal modules. It has been adapted for use in translating Gallery (l10n_gallery).


Manages imported strings by project, release, file, line number, etc.


l10n_gallery scans a local directory for gallery packages. It extracts and parses the packages passing the translatable source files to the modified potx module.


The l10n_groups module interfaces l10n_server with the Drupal Organic Groups (og) module.


A modified version of the Drupal Translation Template Extractor (potx) module is used to extract strings from source files.