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This page is about the Google Map Integration with Gallery

Follow Progress, Post Bugs, Request Features and Donate on the Sourceforge Project Page
Troubleshooting this module see: 3rd Party Modules and Themes Support
Module User Guide is Here

History: A Module originally created by HorsePunchKid

It all started as a Theme created by LarryDoliver and turned into a module after a while, there is now quite a bit of features as well as more to come :-), thanks to Termite and several developers and testers listed below.

Current version
Gallery 2.0.x => 0.4.11d
Gallery 2.1.x & 2.2.x => 0.5.8
Last upload: 2008-08-27
See Changelog
See our work in progress




Live maps


  • Google Map Module Icons (for the iconpacks): Download
  • Also you can download the latest module revision via SVN
  • Browse the latest source code: gmap-module

Download via SVN

Install a svn client on your windows client. I use:

Then just add: As the url to the repository.

Browse changes in the SVN:


  • You do not need both module and theme, See BELOW for the differences between the two
  • There are two versions of the module one for gallery 2.0 and below, and one for 2.1 and above, they are not cross compatible.


For Both

  • Gallery 2 - with some albums and pictures otherwise it's not too useful :)
  • A Google API Key to be requested here

For the Module Only

  • ImageMagick (you can get away without it but lose some features)
  • Gallery EXIF-module version 1.0.1 and above can also work with 1.0.0 with minor changes found Here

For Theme only

  • Custom Fields module which is Here


For detailed instruction on the Theme, see Gallery2:Themes:Map

For detailed instruction on the Module, see Gallery2:Modules:Map:UserGuide (being developed)

Differences between the Module and the Theme

The current module being tested for the release of gallery2.1 will have most of the theme features in it making the theme somewhat obsolete

Map theme Picture
The Theme is album based
  • Basically when the theme is installed you can apply the theme to an album
  • The Theme is based on the original Matrix theme
  • This album would then display all pictures and album with GPS coordinate contained in the album on a Google Map using the API.
  • It uses an API key that needs to be entered per album (it can be the same one if you make the API key for your domain)
  • Each album with this theme looks pretty much like this =>
  • There are some settings that can be changed and made specific to each album with the theme
  • You need the Custom Fields module installed to enter the co-ordinates

The Module works in a different way and has way more features.
  • It has global parameters and all albums and photos from the entire gallery with GPS coordinate are being displayed on one single Google Map (for the time being)
  • There are many people working on this module, look for updates on the forum or on this wiki
  • Among the main features is the ability to gather GPS coordinate from addresses, EXIF infos and "point/click"
  • Also ability to create you own marker set and routes to join markers
  • There is a good feature set with this module that never stops increasing :-) See BELOW for the current feature set.
  • If you want to see the module screenshots, they can be found HERE
  • Detailed and always updating feature list is below

Current feature set of the Module

Specific map settings for each album/photos which will show on Google Map in a pop-up with thumbnail and link

  • Enter data by the following
    • GPS coordinates
      • Manually
      • From point & click via a google map
      • From an address

  • Module Rewrite support (created a rule to have /map/ pointing at the map)

  • Change map size ( % or pixels), default zoom level, center point of map
    • Zoomlevel for the Zoom in and out links
    • Automatic Center&Zoom

  • New Markers or MarkerSets can be created or uploaded
    • Choice of basemarkers
    • Choice of size
    • Choice of color (all or some)
    • Different marker sets for albums and icons.

  • GxMagnifier
    • Ability to have 2 magnifiers on the map
    • Regular Zoom (via magnifier icon)
    • Docked showing a different zoom (negative zoom for example)
    • Docked GxMagnifier is reactive to click

  • Change the Zoom Controls
    • Built-in themes
    • Can create your own easily

  • Routes (polyline that links albums/photos)
    • Possibility to use an Item more than once in a route (for circles or triangles, etc ...)
    • Markers part of a route are Numbered following the order chosen

  • Filters that show a specific area of the map
    • Filter can be pointing to a route
    • Filter can show only item in album and subalbums

  • Legends displayed on the module page
    • Show/Hide specific colored markers on map by clicking legend
    • Legend can also be a block on the side bar

  • Possibility to create "Google Map Group"
    • A group is a Marker (thumbnail, GPS coord, zoom-in level, color, description, etc ...)
    • A group contain photos. albums and groups
    • When a group is clicked it only shows on the map what is part of that group
    • Groups can use their own MarkerSet

  • Added the Thumbnail bar from the theme (gallery2.1 release)
    • Can be position around the map
    • Automaticaly add the scrollbar as needed
    • Clicking on 1 item direct you to the item and open it's window
    • Mouseover effect

  • Export data to Google Earth
    • Ability to enable/disable "export to GE"

  • Infowindows
    • Customize look
    • Insert custom links and metadata along with thumbnails

  • Multi-languages support
  • Google Map Key Management feature (nultiple keys depending how the site is accessed)
  • Automaticaly populates GPS coordinates from EXIF headers
  • Show the navigation history and permit to go "back in time"


  • Clicking on item does not show the infowindow: In both current release of the Map Module, the GxMagnifier extension does not work anymore due to some changes in the Google Map API, preventing Infowindw to open.

Workaround: Disable the GxMagnifier extension. 1st ensure that the GxMagnifier feature is enabled in the general tab, then go to the GxMagnifier tab and deactivate the feature there. Once this is done, you may disable the "feature" on the general tab which will remove the tab. Next release of the module will have GZoom instead which does not have that problem :-)

  • For the module to work with the PG theme: The Map module version 0.4.8d contains require change on the module side. The theme also needs a quick modification:

In Theme.js look for the line (toward the end)

var browser = new Browser();

And change it for

if (undefined === window.GoogleMap) {var browser = new Browser();}
  • Route in IE When enabling a route, IE states a JavaScript error.

You need to edit your theme.tpl (I suggest creating a "local" folder and putting your edited version in there

in the new file, you need to change the <html> tag for it to look like this:

<html xmlns="" xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml">

Starting with version 0.4.10, a button allow to do the modification for you. Of course correct rights need to be in place :)

Gallery2:Map Module Team


Original developers
Current developers
  • Termite: Leading the way at this point
  • Floridave: Trying as best he can.
  • Jelwell
  • jcampbell1: Hopefully fixing more than he breaks
  • Ninjainvasion: Trying to help making this great module even better
  • SiliconFiend: Rewrite of "Export to GoogleEarth" feature, Mini Map block, bug fixes, other improvements
  • Many others but I don't have their wiki names ... please update if you do


  • Igrcic: testing never stops :)
    1. g2 was installed on linux slackware box with PostgreSQL db.
    2. now using Win2k,IIS/5 with MySql :(

Testing it on WinXP and slack using latest Mozilla and Firefox browsers.

  • Swordfish: Testing Embedded in WPG2. G2/WordPress installed on Gentoo linux using Apache1, PHP-4.4.0, mod_gzip, MySQL 4.0.25, ImageMagick ( Testing on 3 separate WinXP machines using IE6 and Firefox browsers.
  • Jeff Billimek: Contributed a little early on and now testing the module.
  • Galmoid
  • dotnature: Trying to update wiki, icons and testing in joomla
  • caddymob: Early tester who quickly added too many geotagged photos...
  • christ: got on board at Gallery 2.1; using it extensively
  • Many others but I don't have their wiki names ... please update if you do

Tested On

Server Side
Linux Server (fedora core 3 and 4)
Windows XP SP2
SunOS u30 5.9
Debian Sarge, Ubuntu 5.10
SME Server 7.x (Centos 4 based)
Apache 1.3.33, PHP 4.3.10, MySql 4.1.9
Apache 2.0, PHP 5.0, Mysql 4.1.9
Apache 2.0.49 PHP 4.3.4 Mysql 4.0.18
Apache 2.0.53, PHP 4.3.11, Mysql 4.1.12
Apache 1.3.33, PHP 4.3.10, Zend 1.3.0, Mysql 4.1.11

Client Side
Internet explorer 6.0 SP2 on Windows XP SP2
Internet explorer 7.0 on Windows XP SP2
Deer Park Alpha 2 on Windows XP
Firefox on Windows Vista Home Premium
Firefox 1.5 beta 2 on Windows XP
Firefox (Final) on Windows XP SP2
Firefox 1.0.7 on Fedora Core 3
Safari on MAC OS X 10.4.2
Safari 2, Camino 1.0 and Firefox on MAC OS X 10.4.4, 10.4.5 and 10.4.6