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2008-08-27: v 0.5.8 (siliconfiend) Changes:

        - Fixed Write GPS to EXIF Header function for photos with no existing EXIF block
        - Fix maintenance task to correctly write GPS coordinates to EXIF header of all photos

2008-08-24: v 0.5.7 (siliconfiend) Changes:

        - Fixed install/upgrade problems for users (notably Gentoo) without the "ctype" functions compiled into PHP
        - General language update
        - Rework API key definition/storage/retrieval method

2007-12-26: v 0.5.6 (siliconfiend) Changes:

        - Fixed Google Overview map Javascript bug
        - Improve "pick mode" (Get Via a Map) behavior to initially show marker position
        - Eliminated an IE rendering bug on admin pages
        - Improved Mini Map block to fill the area it's given
        - Added Italian translation (thanks to forum user maravizzo)
        - Add Javascript escaping for map text

2007-11-07: v 0.5.5 (siliconfiend) Changes:

        - Fix to show colored markers on Mini Map block
        - Fixed missing numbered markers
        - Changed the "Write GPS to EXIF Header" button to only show for photos
        - Fixed the extreme zoom problem when auto-center and zoom are set and markers are all close together

2007-10-28: v 0.5.4 (ehd+siliconfiend) Changes:

        - Fixed Dynamic Link behavior

2007-10-27: v 0.5.3 (ehd+siliconfiend) Changes:

        - Admin and User Help system to guide user through everything and help understand some confusing stuff :-)
        - Changed the all EXIF piece to add a better toolkit (allows for read /write).
        - Added the write to EXIF header capability on a per image basis
        - Moved the "read all EXIF header and populate GPS field" button into a maintenance tasks
        - Changed the add Google Key profile to auto-populate infos if possible
        - added the "disable google link" option
        - Automatically add EXIF information into GPS coordinates upon upload if available
        - fixed the auto-regroup feature
        - re-added the history links
        - Added a maintenance task to write EXIF header to all picture from infos from GPS coordinates (can be used as a form of backup)
        - Export gallery item into a KML file (export to google earth)
        - Added the Group item Legend
        - 3 Different fullscreen map possible
        - Added a block to show a mini map next to images/album
        - Started the code cleaned-up to make better use of the Gallery API, more comment and optimizations
        - Removed GxMagnifier which stopped working after the new version of the API
        - Added Gzoom to replace the previsouly broken GxMagnifier
        - Only uses Google Map API v2
        - Fixed over two dozen bugs

2006-05-10: v 0.5.1a (ehd) Changes:

        - Version of the Module for Gallery 2.1.x running with Google Map API v2
        - Same changes as v0.4.11a (below)

2006-05-10: v 0.4.11a (ehd) Changes:

        - Version of the Module for Gallery 2.0.x running with Google Map API v2
        - Removed the GxMagnifier Docked version to incorporate Google "Overview Map"
        - Rewritten the Custom Marker to use the built in function
        - Update the Zoom listener
        - Removed the dateline Fix (not needed anymore)
        - Automatic upgrade to the new zoom and coordinate system (thx galmoid)
        - Remove the API version Choice
        - Removed the Regroup Marker function temporarely (too hard to port)
        - Now works better with Safari and other browsers

2006-02-21: v 0.5.0 (ehd) Changes:

        - None, ported the module to version 2.1 of the gallery :-)

2006-02-21: v 0.4.10 (ehd+floridave) Changes:

        - Bug fixes
              o Custom control reloading the map when the map was lowered (floridave)
              o Get via map didn't work in Filter management
              o Legend displaying when functionality not active
              o Pathing problem, preventing embedded to work correctly
              o Main block disepearing when hidding the legend/filter
              o Using % for the map size, breaks the map and prevent it to show
              o Filter list contain all kind of garbage
              o Show/Hide feature not respecting album or photo
              o Automatic regroup not always working because of % map size
        - Added Thumbnail bar around the map (top, bottom, right, hide)
        - Added version 2 of the google API (disable some feature for the time being)
        - Added Default coordinates & zoom level for all the get via map maps
        - Added a link on the admin page to the map and vice versa
        - Added the "Magic button" to populate EXIF GPS header in all pictures
        - Added Different marker set for groups
        - Added name of colors next to Marker for clarity
        - Legend items hidden if "enable legend" isn't selected (in the admin panel)
        - Updated the permission to show only parts of the routes that are allowed for the specific user
        - Added Numbered markers created on the fly for routes
        - Changed the "Show Map" link to show current album as a default
        - Made the GxMagnifier docked window reactive to clicks
        - Updated the language files (finally)
        - Added a button in the Admin Panel to "Automaticaly" update the theme.tpl file for routes to work in IE
        - Added the Navigation History below the map (floridave)

2006-01-28: v 0.4.9 (ehd) Changes:

        - Bug fixes
              o "Please wait" text still showing up after the map is loaded
              o Coordinate too precise cannot be saved
              o Empty "Manual filter" list will prevent the map from showing
              o Round up/down the zoom number to prevent errors with GxMagnifier
              o Keyboard control not working on IE
        - Revamped the Admin pages
              o 1 Tab per functionalities
              o 1 file per tab for easier updates and changes
              o Added Enable/Disable feature checkboxes
        - Remove some useless files (extra map file)
        - Cleaned the code heavily (added a GoogleMapUtilities class)
        - Added more comment throughout

2006-01-11: v 0.4.8 (ehd) Changes:

        -  More control over the blocks
              o Possibility to remove and add as needed from the admin panel
              o Adding the possibility to put them on the top and on the bottom
        - Added the grouping feature
              o Management for the Group coordinates and such
              o A group Define a map and it's content
              o Create markers on the map for Groups
              o Define which albums / items / Groups should be in the Group
        - Fixed the "G" and "G2" infowindow, URL code is in the .inc files
        - Bug fixes 
        - Added/changed a bunch of little things her and there to make the interface more friendly
        - Rewrite rule: Map access: /gallery2/Map and Group access /gallery2/Map/G1 (Group 1)

2005-12-17: v 0.4.7 (ehd+floridave) Changes:

        - Fixed Numerous bugs created with previous version
        - Added nicer looking Controls
              o Added Possibility to place the controls wherever on the map
              o All controls are of the same theme
              o Some controls are full size (with the long zoom bar)
              o Fixes for transparency issues in IE

2005-12-17: v 0.4.6 (ehd) Changes:

        - Made the legend a block as well (left sidebar)
        - Added the ability to enable/disable "export to GE"
        - finished the upgrade path
        - Route feature enhancements
              o Rewrote the route feature to use itemID instead of coordinates
              o Added possibility to use an Item more than once in a route
        - Enhanced the filter feature
              o Route "filters" are created on the fly
              o Possibility of Album filters (only show items with coord in the Album and subalbums)
        - Added a Google Map Key Management feature.
        - Added the possibility to use % for map Height and width

2005-12-06: V 0.4.5c (ehd) Changes:

        - Added the Show/Hide markers on the legends
        - Added a Legend for the Item Regroup (if used)
        - Fixed bug for the Legend text
        - Fixed bug link to accesskey (-> accesskey removed on all button, kept for the rest)

2005-12-04: V 0.4.5 (ehd) Changes:

        - Added possibility to create filters from a route
        - Added a legend (enbale/disable) for albums and photos
        - Added support for multiple languages
        - Added the upgrade path to avoid manual changes when new version require some changes
        - Added some friendly error messages and more error controls
        - Changed the image storage to be inside the module
        - Added a new template for the infowindow
        - Added accesskeys to most buttons/inputs for easy access via keyboard

2005-11-17: V 0.4.4 (lw) Changes:

        - Auto-grouping feature: Enable automatic hiding of markers too close together.
          There is two options to group markers:
          o Album-based grouping:
            + Hides photo markers that are close to their parent album.
            + Hides album markers when all photo markers from this album are displayed.
          o Item replace grouping:
            + Hides items too close together and shows a selected group marker instead.
            + Click on the group marker zooms in to see the elements in it.
            + If both options are selected, the album-based grouping is done first,
              and the replace grouping is done then with the remaining items.
        - Album color: Allow to have the picture markers use the color of their parent
          album if no color is set for the picture.
        - Fixed a problem with the "tabbed" InfoWindow style in FF <= 1.0.7
        - (ehd) GxMagnifier Docked Zoom Window: Show a permanent GxMagnifier window
        - (ehd) GPS module: The gps module is completly incorporated in the map module now.
        - (ehd) Changed the AutoCenter&Zoom function (minor change).
        - (ehd) Removed dependency to the php_exif extension and use EXIF-Module instead.
        - (ehd) Solved the International Dateline problem (+enable/disable)
        - (ehd) Added posibility of "filtering"

2005-11-13: V 0.4.3 (ehd) Changes:

        - Fixed some bugs (thx everyone)
        - Added the "Edit Route" feature
        - Added posibility to enable/disable routes
        - Added the posibility to change the infowindow (template)

2005-11-12: V 0.4.2b (lw) Changes:

        - Fixed "Get coordinates via map bug"
        - Fixed "IE/GxMagnifier bug" (floridave)
        - Fixed "Wrong marker bug"
        - Added feature to have different marker sets for albums/photos.

2005-11-12: V 0.4.2 (ehd) Changes:

        - Added the fix for embedded mode suggested by valiant
        - Changed asspect of "get via map" link to look like button
        - Speed-up loading of the map by condensing the code of displaying markers
        - Added the "Get via Exif" feature for photos only (album to follow)
        - Fix: "Cannot delete GPS coordinate from an album/photo"
        - Fix: "Cannot have 0 in ZoomLevel"
        - Remove the "block"
        - Changed name of link to AdminPanel for compliance (jcampbell)
        - Fixed the "Show Google Map" link so it only shows on the sidebar (galmoid)
        - Fixed problem with Glob() (ninjainvasion)
        - Added Zoom&Center for "get via map" feature (ninjainvasion)

2005-11-10: V 0.4.1 (ehd) Changes:

        - Added a Route feature to draw polilynes between markers (album or pics)
        - Added support for geocoding in the album/photo Edit (get via address link)
        - Added a link to show the google map in the "ItemAction" block (thx nicroets)
        - Added a link "get via map" for the Center of the map in the AdminPanel
        - Added a AutoCenter&Zoom feature (thx Jcampbell1 for the code)
        - Moved the "Control" settings to the theme tab (made more sense)
        - Added a pre-created MarkerSet as a Zip file
        - Added Error control for the GPS coordinate entry in the Albums/photos
        - Fix the issue with 50% and 200% resizing of the markers

2005-11-07: V 0.4.0 (ehd) Changes:

        - Rewritten part of the module to make it independant of CustomField
        - Added some code for the Route Management (not finish yet)
        - Added a fix to prevent error when there is no GPS coordinate anywhere
        - Added numerous fixes since the last version found along the way :D

2005-11-05: V 0.3.2b (ehd) Changes:

        - Added pieces of code of CustomEditField for module indenpendency

2005-10-31: V 0.3.2 (floridave) Changes:

        - Added the posibility to change the map control style
        - Add a theme feature to choose the map control style
        - (ehd) Fix an issue with multisites installs
        - (ehd) Added more basemarkers
        - (ehd) fixed problems with colors
        - (ehd} added tooltips on the map with album/photo name
        - (ehd) fixed a problem with the marker Sizes not updating correctly 
        - (ehd) Added a message when a marker is already created

2005-10-27: V 0.3.1b (ehd) Changes:

        - Added Upload button for the "basemarkers"
        - Added the Show Scale option
        - Added Help to setup the "back-to-map" feature

2005-10-26: V 0.3.1 (ehd) Changes:

        - Added Options for GxMagnifier
        - moved GxMagnifer options to a different tab
        - added a link to view all the marker created
        - added the "keylistener" for both maps (thx billimek - Jeff)

2005-10-23: V 0.3.0 (ehd) Changes:

        - Changed admin interface to better clarity
        - added deletion of a markerset
        - added choice betwen small-large-none ControlMap
        - added GxMagnifier
        - added a link to a map to autopopulate GPS coordinate

2005-10-14: V 0.3beta1 (ehd) New features:

        - Marker creation tool (uses ImageMagick)
              - Creates various marker from a base marker
              - Enable the choice for each album (or image)
        - Automatic creation of the Customfields (at install and when markers are created)
        - Enable selection of a specific marker per photo or album

2005-10-08: V 0.2 (sns) Enhancements

        - Obeys gallery permissions for viewing items
        - Different icons for albums versus photos
        - Zoom links for items, zoom scale control
        - Tie in to URL rewriting module

2005-10-06: V 0.1.3 (sns)

        - Admin parameter validation
        - fixed bugs when items have bad characters in titles
        - some code commenting
        - use gallery default date format

2005-09-29: V 0.1.2 (sns)

        - Fixed problems in IE
        - Added more config options.

2005-09-29: V 0.1.1 (shocksll)

        - Now checks whether summary and description is empty before outputting the text
        - Fixed the Internet Explorer problem as defined here
        - All popup box contents are centered

2005-09-27: V 0.1.0 (sns)

        First version of the module!