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Album Select Module

Compact album lists make it easy to navigate directly to any album.


Makes blocks available to themes for jumping directly to any album in the gallery.


  • Shows a list of all albums visible to the current user
  • Shows either a very compact drop-down list or a browseable tree menu


  • Download the module from the download page if necessary. The minimal and typical package of G2 don't include this module.
  • Install and activate the module in site admin -> plugins
  • Configure some settings in site admin -> album select
  • Add the Album quick links block to your sidebar in site admin -> themes -> matrix (or for any other active/used theme). You can choose Dropdown (select from list) or DHTML (dynamic tree view) type of block.
  • Now you and the visitors of your site see a album select block in your sidebar in all album / photo pages.


Why are the albums not sorted correctly?

Sorting the albums in the same order they are shown in the gallery makes loading pages with the album select block a little slower. That's why this sorting is disabled by default (sorting the entire list alphabetically or by manual sort order is faster). You can select the sorting method in Site Admin -> Album Select

Requested Features

  • It would be great if the character limit for album titles in the dropdown menu was configurable in the site administration interface. I currently had to manually create a new local AlbumSelect.tpl with a changed value of truncateTitles to achieve this.
  • Have a Mask Hidden SubAlbums option to choose whether to display public albums that are contained in private albums. Right now, if public album B is contained in private album A, B shows up in the selection list/tree. This might not be desired, for example, if I want to allow public access to B but only if a user types in the exact address.
  • This is along the same lines as the previous item. Make this compatible with the Hidden Items plug-in, i.e. if an album or item is hidden, it should not show up in the tree. If cross-plug-in integration is difficult, however, the previously listed feature should suffice.


When using gallery2embedded, the tree view points back to main.php instead of gallery2embedded.php, taking the user out of the embedded site and into the main gallery page instead, which can be a jarring experience if the template contrasts drastically with the default gallery theme.