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Album-Timestamp Module

Automatically set the timestamp of an album based on the times of its images.


This is a Gallery2 module that will automatically set the timestamp of an album based on its contents. When new items are added or existing items are modified, the timestamp of the album is automatically adapted according to its setting. This change propagates up to the root folder, so if the albums timestamp actually gets changed, its parent album is also considered for update.


  • several explicit mode settings:
    • use timestamp of the oldest item
    • use timestamp of the newest item
    • do not set the timestamp automatically
  • per album setting of the mode
  • inheritance of the parent albums setting if explicit setting is absent
  • option to force timestamp updates of this album and all of its subalbums now.


  • Download the module from here.
  • Unpack the zip file in the modules directory.
  • Install and activate the module.


The new per-album settings can be modified in Edit Album -> General.

Requested Features

Features that would be nice to have.


  • Maybe the select-boxes for setting the album timestamp should be disabled, if an automatic timestamp mode is active.