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Formatted URLs

Show BBCode / HTML formatted URLs


Show BBCode / HTML formatted URLs for your images and albums to fascilitate posting images in forums and other websites

Authors: Kirill, shocksll. Additions by: valiant, whodah


  • BBCode and HTML pre-formatted URLs
  • Direct links to images
  • Image links (small thumbnail linking to the fullsize image)
  • Optionally show links also in album view under each thumbnail
  • Optionally show links as a block under the image in photo or under the list of thumbnails on album pages
  • Guest mode: Only list links that are also accessible by anonymous users, even if you're logged in
  • Control with [geturls] View Formatted URls which user groups should see the formatted URLs
  • Optionally, also show the itemId, useful if you use embedded G2 with image tags to include G2 images in your website

Installation via downloadable plugins (V2.2.1+)

  • login as admin
  • select plugins from the left navigation
  • Click the Get More Plugins tab.
  • Click the Show repository list button.
  • Check the Community plugins box; Save
  • Click the update repository list button; click continue.
  • Under the Display section download the Formatted URLs module.


  • Download the module. The download location is listed on the User Contributions page.
  • Install and activate the module
  • In site admin -> Formatted URLs, you can change the settings
  • In site admin -> themes -> matrix (or any other theme), you can instantiate the formatted URLs block, e.g. add it to the photo blocks list
  • In the root album or other album(s) select: edit permissions, you can add the [geturls] View Formatted URls to the everybody or any other group
  • In the item action links in the sidebar, you can click on view formatted URLs
  • If the the option is enabled to show URLs under each thumbnail in the album pages, you can click on + under each thumbnail to see the formatted URLs

Requested Features

See the forum discussion [1]


Currently there are no known issues for this module.


  • This module is *not* required if you just want to use Gallery 2 images in forums and other websites. But it makes it a little more comfortable.
  • To find out the link to an image without this module, just right-click with your mouse on the image in your browser and choose copy image address. The option may be named a little different in your browser, but it's almost always right-click + choose the right option. Don't confuse the link address with the image/source address.