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Image Frame Module

Adds frames around photos and albums.


Adds theme settings options to show your photos and albums in a visual frame.

Such a frame can be as simple as a colored border around an image but can also have more complex features like shadows.

Compatible themes offer these frames in theme settings (default in site admin, or album specific in Edit Album, Theme tab).


  • Install the imageframe module in Site Admin -> Plugins.
  • Select the image frames in Site Admin -> Themes, in your theme settings.

Creating your own Imageframe Frame

There are two different types of Imageframes. There are the one that use images and the other is one that uses CSS.

Creating an Imageframe using Images

There can be up to 16 images that make up the frame. To start make a copy of one of the other frames directories that are located in gallery2/modules/imageframe/frames with the name you want your frame to be. Create your frame parts using the following template as your guide.


Now you need to use the file with your favorite text editor. You need to change the 'name' to the name of your frame. For each of the 16 images, you may need to change the value of imageXX to the picture file, ie if the image you use in position TL has another name. You also need to make sure that the width and/or height are correct. Save the file and make sure it's in the gallery2/modules/imageframe/frames directory of your installation. Make sure you check your new frame in multiple browsers since not all browsers are created the same.

Creating an Imageframe using CSS

Make a copy of the gallery2/modules/imageframe/frames/dots folder to what ever you want your frame named. Edit the file and change the 'name' to what you want to see in the imageframe drop down box. Edit the style to create your frame.