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LinkItems Module

Allows adding items which take the user to a specified link URL when clicked on.


Adds new tab in Add Items to add new link items. These can be links to other albums in the same Gallery or links to external URLs. URL for external link can later be edited in General tab of Edit Link.


  • Add items that are mere links to other websites / items.
  • Add link-albums: A sub-album which takes the user to the target album when clicked on. Allows to list an album as sub-album in multiple other albums.
  • Use in combination with the keyword album module or the dynamic album module to create link-items that point to such dynamic albums.
  • Arrow watermark on link-item thumbnails is optional (Added in G2.2)
  • Create screenshot / thumbnail of other websites (target URL) with an external program like khtml2png (Added in G2.2)



  • Link Callback patch: It is possible to access linkitem links in your page templates with this linkitem addition.