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Password Module

Adds option to assign a password to albums.


The password module provides an alternative to the item permissions (the standard access control mechanism in Gallery).

If you'd rather use a single password to protect an album from public access than using user accounts (permissions), the password module is for you.

You may also consider locked user accounts (added in G2.2). These are user accounts which cannot be modified by anyone but the administrator; this makes it safe to share a single user account / password with a whole group of people


  • Install the module in site admin
  • Configure in General tab of "Edit Album".
  • If captcha module is also active then configure security level in captcha site admin.

Who needs the password?

Assigning a password will remove "View item" permission for guest users to ensure guests must enter the password. Note that any other users that already have "View item" permission will not need to enter the password. Remove this permission for any users or groups that should require the password. Make sure to remove only "View item" permission (see next section).

Which sizes can they view?

Entering the password only grants "View item" permission to the current user. They will then be able to see whichever sizes their permissions allow. For example, if "Everybody" group has "View resizes" permission then after entering the password any user can see resized images. If "Registered Users" group has "View original" permission then joeuser can see full size images after entering the password, but a guest user cannot.