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Random Highlight Module

Periodically change the album highlight (thumbnail of an album)


If activated, the random highlight module changes periodically the album highlight in a random fashion to one of its child photos.


  • Activate / Deactivate it for each album
  • Set duration for which it should keep one highlight before picking a new one
  • Respects permissions for each user Say you have an album with private and public subalbums. Then the album will only pick public photos as highlights for guest users and it will show any photo for authorized users


  • Download the module from the download page if necessary. The minimal and typical package of G2 don't include this module.
  • Install and activate the module
  • In 'edit album', you can activate / deactivate the random highlight feature for this album

Requested Features


Currently there are no known issues for this module.


  • This module does not work in the "Guest Mode", that is, when you are logged in and would like to see a preview of what a guest sees, then this doesn't apply for the random highlights. To see what a guest sees in respect to random highlights, you must log out completely from G2