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Search Module

Add a search feature to your Gallery.


Makes block available to themes. Block links to advanced search, summary search results and show-all results. Also link to display results in a slideshow if that module is active.


  • Search your Gallery
  • Each module can expose itself to the search module. You can search comments and other modules too.
  • Add a quick search block to your sidebar
  • Define what to search for in the advanced search page
  • View a slideshow of your search results
  • Missing features: No boolean search (e.g. holidays AND summer), no full-text search, no search by date


  • Read the plugin installation instructions to enable the search module.
  • Add the search block to your sidebar in site admin -> themes -> matrix (or for any other active/used theme)
  • Now you and the visitors of your site see a compact search block in your sidebar in all album / photo pages.

Customization for themes

To add the search block to your theme add:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="{g->url href='modules/search/SearchBlock.js'}"></script>
    {g->block type=search.SearchBlock}

to album.tpl or theme.tpl depending on the location you desire.

Requested Features

Please add your feature request on and add a link here such that we have an overview of the requets specific to this module.

  • With regard to the Custom Field Module, it's great that one can limit the entry field by creating a dropdown. Now I'd like to add this to the advanced search function. So one can easily filter out all files with these specific atributes. Would this be possible? I dont's know if I should add this request here or at the Custom Field or maybe you guys could work together on this? See also:
  • I would like to have the ability to set default search fields (e.g custom fields only and even better, decide which custom fields although that will be a problem because they all reside in one database field)

Unofficial update

There's an unofficial update extending the search module with 'Search per album' and 'Enhancement to search for each word', see