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Size Limit Module

Define image size limits


Define image size limits (maximal dimensions, maximal filesize). When a user adds a new image, G3 checks immediately whether the dimensions and / or the filesize of the new image violate the restrictions. If one condition is violated, it generates smaller versions (lower quality and/or smaller dimensions) of the file until it matches the criteria. The originally uploaded file may be replaced in this case depending on the settings.

Note, that this module will not help you if you have a slow connection and are trying to save bandwidth. The full-sized image will be uploaded to the server before the settings from this module will be applied.


  • Set maximal acceptable image dimensions and / or filesize
  • Each album can have different limits
  • Saves webspace, since the original uploaded file is replaced by a smaller file that meets the restrictions if necessary


  • Download the module from the download page if necessary. Site Admin -> plugins -> get more plugins... The minimal and typical package of G2 don't include this module.
  • Install and activate the module
  • In 'edit album', you can set the max dimensions / max filesize.

Requested Features

Currently there are no RFEs for this module.


Currently there are no known issues for this module.