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Thumbnail Manager Module

Set default thumbnails for non-image items


With the thumbnail module, you can set default thumbnails for any file type such that when you upload e.g. a text document, it will automatically assign the default thumbnail for text documents to it.

Additionally, you can override the current thumbnail of any item (be it album items or photos, movies, ...) with a custom thumbnail that you can upload at any time.


  • Set default thumbnails for any mime type, including image mime types, if you haven't installed any image toolkit (imagemagick, netpbm, GD)
  • Each mime type can have another default thumbnail
  • Set custom thumbnails for any item (e.g. replace the default thumbnail of an album by a photo that isn't even part of the album)


  • Download the module from the download page if necessary. The minimal and typical package of G2 don't include this module.
  • Install and activate the module in "Site admin" -> "Modules" -> Display
  • To manage default thumbnails, browse to "Site admin" -> "Thumbnails" (which is the "Display" category of modules)
  • To set / replace the thumbnail for a specific item (album, photo, movie, ...) to a custom thumbnail, browse to the item and click "edit album" / "edit photo" or whatever is appropriate and in the "General" tab upload the thumbnail in the "Custom thumbnail" section

Requested Features

Currently there are no RFEs for this module.


Currently there are no known issues for this module.


This module is not included in all Packages: Gallery2:Download#Modules


  • This module is NOT required to get thumbnails in G2. G2 generates thumbnails for all images automatically, if you have one or more image toolkit modules (netpbm, imagemagick, GD) installed and activated. The thumbnail module only provides 'default thumbnails' for mime types that cannot be handled by your G2 with all your active modules.