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User Albums Module

Automatically creates an album for each new user.


This module automates the creation of an album for each user and is thus very useful for community sites. You can do all the things this module does without this module, but creating an album for each user, setting the correct permissions, etc takes a lot of time if done step by step. And in addition, users will see a "Your Album" link on each page as well.


  • Gives each registered user an album of their own.
  • Users can create unlimited items and sub-albums in their user-album.
  • Choose the parent album for all user-albums.
  • Configure when user-albums get created: When first accessed by the user or when the user is created.
  • Configure who is allowed to view a user's album: the user only, registered users only or everybody.
  • Show / hide the "Your Album" link.
  • Configure whether other users can view the original (fullsize) images as well.
  • Configure whether a user should be redirected to the user-album after login.

Permission Details

  • All user-albums inherit the permissions of their parent album. If you want to change the permissions user-albums are created with, change the permissions of the parent album of all user-albums.
  • Exceptions:
    • The owner of a user-album (the user) has all access, no matter what the permissions of the parent album are.
    • View permissions to override the parent album's permissions are configurable in the user-album's module configuration page in site admin.

You can edit modules/useralbum/classes/UserAlbumHelper.class if you would like to e.g. remove certain permissions from the user. Or file a feature request such that the Gallery team takes notice of a larger interest in user-album permissions.



to get the item ID for the album of the current user use:

    {assign var=linkKey value="useralbum.YourAlbum"}

Requested Features



  • Currently there are no known issues for this module.
  • But beware from using this module for a large user-base. There is still an unfixed performance problem with user-albums if there are a lot of users with their own user-album.