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Watermark Module

Applies watermarks to your images.


Ability to apply watermarks on images. Requires an active graphics toolkit to actually perform the image operations (imagemagick, netpbm or gd).


  • Individual users can manage their own watermark images in Your Account -> Watermarks
  • Configure watermark images available to all users in site admin.
  • Site admin can also select a watermark image to apply to hotlinked images (linked directly from other websites).. this feature must be activated in the URL Rewrite module after selecting which watermark to use in site admin -> watermarks.
  • Watermark to apply can be selected while adding new images (Add Items menu link) or adjusted for an existing item in Edit Photo / Watermark tab.
  • Select a default watermark in Site admin -> watermarks which is applied to all uploaded images.
  • Allow / disallow users to manage / use their own watermarks.


  • Download and install the watermark module if you don't already have it.

Uploading Watermark Images

  • Go to the watermark admin page and browse to an image file on your local computer, then click 'add'.
  • Now you can name the watermark and move it on the canvas to the position you want it to appear on your images.
  • The last step is choosing which image versions you want to be watermarked.
  • Click 'save'

When you now add images to your gallery the watermark will be automatically added.

Watermarking And Print Services

If you watermark full-size images and use any print service modules such as Shutterfly then prints will include the watermark.

If you want a full-size image with the watermark but also allow printing without the watermark, edit the photo or album settings to add a resized image with size = 100% and watermark resizes but not the full-size original.

Watermarking Hotlinked Images

If you want hotlinked images to have a watermark too, follow the next steps: (hotlinked images are images directly linked from other websites and also images you show in full size image popups)

  • At the watermark admin page click the radio button of the watermark you want to display for hotlinked images.
  • Go to the URL Rewrite module admin and at the bottom, activate watermarks for hotlinked images.

WARNING: If you enable hotlinked image watermarking and you also use the Shutterfly module, the printed pictures from Shutterfly will contain the watermark. To avoid this:

  • At the URL Rewrite module admin page, go to the Setup tab
  • Add to the Approved Referers list

Automatically Watermarking All Images

Note: You need Gallery 2.2 and Gallery 2.2's watermark module for this. Gallery 2.1.2 doesn't have this feature yet.

If you want that all images added by all users are unconditionally watermarked with a watermark image you define without letting anyone a choice to choose a different or no watermark, this is how you can configure it:

  1. Browse to 'Site Admin' -> 'Watermarks'
  2. Upload a watermark image and save it.
  3. In the right column, mark the watermark as 'Default' and hit 'Save'.
  4. Untick the option 'Allow users to upload their own watermark images'
  5. Tick the option 'Use only the default watermark selected below. Only Site Administrators may change or remove watermarks.'
  6. Click 'Save' again.

Embossed Watermark

A professional looking, embossed watermark can be achieved by making a watermark image using a white/grey coloured font on a transparent background. You then also make the text itself partially transparent and apply some effects in the layer properties window. Save the watermark as a PNG file. Gallery2 will overlay the original image and achieve a nice look.

Photoshop Layer Properties __MAGIC_REMOVE__43965__

Example of Watermarked Thumbnail __MAGIC_REMOVE__43973__

Example Watermark __MAGIC_REMOVE__43968__

It has been suggested that this works better when using ImageMagick or NetPBM instead of GD.

Take a look at here for an example of it in action. (Thanks to user turnbulm for the note.)


When reuploading images via the reupload module, watermarks are not added to the images.

See Also

You may also want to check out the Gallery 3 user contributed emboss module which provides an alternative method for watermarking your photos