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WebDAV Module

Add images to Gallery directly from your desktop computer, e.g. per drag and drop from MS Windows Explorer.

Security Warning: Users of Gallery 2.2/2.2.1/2.2.2 should upgrade their WebDAV module via Site Admin -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins. Critical security vulnerabilities have been fixed in Gallery 2.2.3 with WebDAV module version of the 1.0.0 series and 1.0.4.

Note: A bug sneaked into Gallery 2.2.3's WebDAV module (version Your WebDAV client would list all items of your Gallery in a single folder/album instead of listing just the direct children / sub-albums. Please update your WebDAV module via Site Admin -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins to fix this odd behavior.


Mount Gallery on your desktop. You should be able to get directory listings, drag and drop photos and albums, and update photo and album properties with your operating system's native interface, or with a WebDAV client.


  • Add items by drag and drop.
  • Integrate with desktop applications like Beagle and iPhoto.
  • Implemented entirely in PHP, the WebDAV module doesn't have any dependencies beyond Gallery's. It works with most web servers without additional libraries.

Unsupported WebDAV Operations

  • COPY is not supported yet (Requires Core-API for copying entities / album-trees)
  • PROPPATCH is only supported for properties in the namespace and for displayname in the DAV: namespace. All other proppatch are denied.


Some clients that work and some that don't: