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Zip Download Module

Download a collection of (photo) items as a zip file.


Adds cart action to download contents in a zip file. Requires external zip binary.


  • Install the cart module
  • Install and activate the zipcart module

To download files in a zip...

  • Add items to the cart (browse to an item, choose "Add item to cart"
  • Browse to the cart and pick the "Download as zip" action.

The zip binaries for many systems can be found here.

Also see: Installing Modules with External Dependencies.

Requested Features

Remove zip binary dependency

Allowing the modules to zip archives without depending on the zip binary like in "Plogger", another (and much simpler) web gallery tool. I'm not sure how they do it, but it works on a server where Gallery doesn't because it cannot access the zip binary.

Include subalbums

It should be possible to include subalbums when adding an album to cart. As it is now you must enter every single subalbum and add it to the cart. This is a big hassle if you want to download all files in a specific album that contains subalbums. See forum post about this here.