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Gallery2:Personas Scenarions

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This is a page to gather and represent information about who exactly Gallery's users are and how they use Gallery.

This is a work in progress and not set process or format has been established yet. If you think you have something to contribute in any way, just put it on this page on the discussion page or send an email to jakobhilden *at*

Web developer

User is a web developer herself and knows a lot about PHP, Apache, HTML and so on. She just wants to put a couple of her photos online to show them to friends and family. She installed Gallery because she would like to keep control over her photos and make use of her private webserver. It 's important for her to carefully choose only those from her many pictures that she would like to publish. She likes to add captions/titles to the photos so that the people seeing them understand their context. On average she only uploads 10 photos per month so she is not too concerned about the upload interface. She just likes the interface to be as simple as possible and work well out-of-the-box. She does not want to worry about any filesize limitations.

Web guys relative

She knows not a whole lot about the internet. She uses email and only a couple of bigger websites but everything more techy is black magic for her. She has a web guy that she asks for her computer related questions and who she trusts. Although sometimes she feels that the solutions he has for her are not the simplest and he always talks about things like openness, privacy and so on. She got a digital camera last Christmas and she has started to make a lot of pictures. Some of them she would like a very simple solution to share her pictures with some friends. Her web guy suggested that he could give her access to his Gallery installation. Her main requirement for Gallery is that it needs to be easy, easy, easy. She basically needs nothing besides a way to put her photos on the web (“what exactly does 'upload' mean?”), to organize the in a way that makes sense for her and to tell her friends where they can find them.