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Gallery2:Theme Contest

From Gallery Codex

The Gallery Project is pleased to announce the Gallery 2 Theme Contest!

Gallery -the most widely used online photo manager in the world- is looking for new, inspiring, feature complete, and original themes to be created by our amazing users!

In appreciation for these themes, we will award you with fame and prizes.
- For your creative work, we are ready to give away more than a total of $3,000 in cash.
- Did you know that Gallery is used on over 300.000 sites all around the world while our site is visited by more than 30.000 people on a single day?

Time to show your creativity to them!

Submission deadline is February 15th, 2007

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Theme Categories & Sub-contents

Theme Categories:
  • Best Overall Themes
  • Most Original Themes
  • Best Dynamic Themes (AJAX/DHTML)
  • Best Flash Themes
  • Best Embedded Themes
  • Best Look-a-like Themes (Do not infringe on copyrights please)
  • ... more will be added!
  • Best Iconpack
  • Best Imageframe
  • Best Colorpack (for an existing theme, or with a new theme submission)


We have allocated $3,141.59 USD total prize money to winners, which can be increased in case we are extremely pleased with the submissions and/or add new categories. The exact prizes will be set based on the final submissions.


  • Themes must be submitted via email in a tar.gz or zip file to with the submitter's name, contact email, phone number, location, and a description/feature list of the theme.
  • Themes submitted must be the intellectual property of the submitter (it has to be created by yourself).
  • Themes must function properly in all recent major browsers. [1]
  • By submitting a theme you agree to release the code as GPL under the Gallery Project.
  • Themes must be new, original, and should not be tightly based off of any themes released before this contest had begun.
  • You will get bonus points for including imageframes, colorpacks, and iconpacks with your theme.
  • Updated: Submission deadline is February 15th, 2007 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific


Do you wonder what themes already exist? Are you searching for some inspiration? Of course we hope you will realize something completely new. Anything that can be rendered in a webbrowser can be done, don't let the common look of existing themes lock your ideas into a corner. From plain (X)HTML over AJAXified pages to browser plugins like Flash, anything can be used.

Get Started

Are you new to Gallery? Wonder what a Gallery 2 theme is and how you can build one? Or do you simply need some instructions on how to get started? Just follow these links to learn more about themes and how to create them:

Get Help

Places where you can ask any questions you might have:


  • A theme should render correctly in Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Opera 9 as well as in Safari and Konqueror. If a theme does not work as expected in modern web browsers, it will lose some points. But you can compensate by shining in other criteria.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Suprsidr for creating these nice theme contest banners for us.
Annie Chen & Tadeusz Pietraszek provided us the magnificient background images used in our creatives. Thank you!