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  • Author: Je55e
  • Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Colorpack compatible: yes
  • Image frame compatible: yes
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Ebony Theme

Although much of Ebony's HTML and CSS is taken from Carbon, this theme looks completely unique and professional. Ebony provides subtle icons for standard tasks including adding items to cart, adding comments, viewing comments, viewing slide show, and moving through albums. Carbon maintains a clean appearance by hiding the sidebar and providing a button to slide the sidebar into view. The default gray color palette provides contrast for images. Photo pages provide a Flickr-like thumbnail navigator to move to photos nearby the image currently viewed. Additional icons reveal IPTC and EXIF data for the image and a view full-size image link.

Main features

  • Javascript Effects.
    • Thumbnail Reflection.
    • It likes Mac Gallery. Using this Js reflection effects you don't need to use imageframe.
  • Built in Lightbox using mootool javascript library. It's not famous prototype lightbox. The file size of mootools lightbox is smaller than prototype's. The lightbox js file + mootools js is about 54KB in total, the prototype lightbox is about 104KB. Both do same work.
  • Sliding Sidebar
    • A new Js file for mootools.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Words on Browser title bar changed to like this:
    • Gallery - Album - SubAlbum - Photo Name
  • Use h2, h3 tag in Photo name and link to photo page.

User Defined Settings

  • Rows and columns per album page
  • Show image and album owners
  • Show micro navigation thumbnails
  • Blocks to show in the sidebar
  • Blocks to show on album and photo pages
  • Thumbnail links in dynamic albums
  • Album, Item, and Photo Frame
  • Color Pack
  • Show top photo navigator
  • Show bottom photo navigator
  • Show 'Photo Properties' icon
  • Show 'Full Size' icon
  • Show item details on album pages
  • Blocks to show on album and photo pages (below description)
  • Sidebar top position
  • Maximum number of micro navigation thumbnails
  • URL or path to alternate logo image
  • Extra link for top navigation bar
  • URL for the extra link