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FloatrixAlbum.png Floatrix album view FloatrixItem.png Floatrix item view

Floatrix Theme

The Floatrix theme, introduced in Gallery 2.1, is based on Gallery's default theme, Matrix, and ideas from Michael Elliot's Floating Matrix Theme. The primary features of Floatrix include

  • Variable columns based on browser window width (div tags positioned with CSS float property)
  • Tableless template markup for album and item views
  • Collapsed sidebar menu containing just album/item admin options
  • User links in albums (including comment, RSS, slideshow, and cart controls) appear with general album info, not in the sidebar.
  • Search block is also displayed outside of the sidebar

User Defined Settings

Floatrix includes all of Matrix's settings with the exception of rows and columns.

Row width and height values are set to 200px and 300px respectively. These values can be changed to accomodate thumbnail widths and the vertical space required when displaying item details (album owner, date, count, ratings, etc.). Content that overflows the div container's dimensions is hidden.

In addition to item container dimensions, Gallery administrators may also set the number of items per page to display.

The search block has been removed from the sidebar and its reintroduction is strongly discouraged.


A few users have suggested alterations that they'd like to see in Floatrix. Here they are with the how to's.

Wider sidebar: Strings in the sidebar when translated can be quite long, depending on language. An undesirable side-effect for some is the addition of horizontal scrollbars to the sidebar. To increase the width of the sidebar

  1. Create a folder called local in themes/floatrix/templates/
  2. Copy themes/floatrix/theme.css to the new local folder
  3. Open themes/floatrix/templates/local/theme.css
  4. Find instances of "width: 195px" and replace with "width: XXXpx" (use your desired width)

Always display sidebar: It would probably be easiest to use the Matrix theme, at the expense losing the cariable columns based on browser window width.