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Thumb (aka Chad)

Gx Features/Improvements/Thoughts

I'm interested in both ends of the spectrum. Gallery by/for individuals/small groups and community-based/collaborative/social instances. Here's my prioritized list, as of 9/23/08.

  • In place editing of albums, items, and their metadata. Click/right-click on an item or metadata to edit text or image right there and then.
  • Changes to image metadata should be written to files.
  • Faster setup of groups. Basic role-based permission profiles to start from (Album admin, album contributor, etc.). Select multiple users on one screen to add to a group.
  • Improved display of contextual help. Greater use of tooltips, popups, with an icon next to options and fields that provide contextual help. Avoid cluttering the interface. Contextual help icons and conventions that are as intuitive as possible. Possibly add links for extended help docs/tutorials on GMC.
  • Admin dashboard. Make it the default admin view. Displays latest additions, comments, user activity, logs, and other stats...
  • Multiple album view modes to set or provide as options (i.e. list, thumbnails, slideshow). Somewhat similar to Windows OS basic file list view options.
  • Drag and drop images on album to add.
  • Drag and drop watermarks to set placement.
  • Drag and drop move and reorder of items.

hmm, what else can be dragged and dropped...

  • Image area annotation. Add notes to image areas.
  • Zoom in on sized/full-size images.
  • Select multiple album items, but not all, to edit at once (i.e. rotate). Batch edits.
  • Simple blogging feature. For those who don't want to install Wordpress, Drupal, or anything else. Maybe there are opportunities for tighter integration of blog post and image display.
  • Option to make metadata entry required.
  • Ability to label features in different Gallery install contexts. "Cart" makes sense in eCommerce contexts, but "Lightbox" might make more sense on a stock photography web site and "Wallet" or "Saved Photos" might make more sense in a personal/family context.

Here's what I'm working on

Project Queue

  • Create a completely stripped down, basic theme for others to use as a starting point when building new themes
  • Create new Drupal and G2 themes for the Gallery web site
  • Coordination of G2 usability studies with volunteers from

From time to time, I'll be looking at things I can do on the GMC/Drupal issue list and Codex task list.


List of tasks assigned to me.

Done (for now)

  • Helping coordinate Codex card sort and user survey
  • Created new theme, Floatrix, based on Matrix and ideas from ColoredPixels floating Matrix theme (thanks to h0bbel for the theme's name :) )
  • Evaluation of ColoredPixel's floating thumbs module and floating matrix theme
  • Provided CSS and graphics for rating module
  • Redesign of Gallery Forum
  • New main menu design for
  • Apply GMC banner to
  • Coordination of Gallery Mission box home page with Steven Witten (abandoned)