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GMC:Drupal Issues

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These are all the issues with our Drupal-based Gallery website that we've found as part of conversion or upgrade processes. If you find issues with the site, please record them in the Unresolved section, and if you're bored, verify things in the Resolved section are really working properly. GMC Task List has been created to keep track. Issues moved to the tracker is marked with green text



Old issue reports which may or may not still exist


Browser Specific Issues

  • Safari: Orange Mission box rounded bottom edge does not display properly.
    • Verified in Safari 2.0.1
  • Opera 8: Menu icons still overlap. See
    •  :-( Can't reproduce the overlap issue. Here's how it [looks for me]. Win XP Opera 8.
  • IE5 Mac: text in blue boxes on right side is invisible and unselectable
  • Opera 7.54 on Linux: mission statement screenshot seems to be absolute positioned (even when the window is rezised, it stays at the exact position. See: screenshot (no user defined stuff, default opera 7.54) -- valiant 2005/09/12
  • Opera 7.54 on Linux: javascript issues in the forum reply view. the reply input field is emptied when clicking somewhere on the background of the page below the reply box. also the canned response drop down box has zero width. when you click on the drop down, it's suddenly ok and works ok. Opera-8.0 on the same box works perfectly. -- valiant 2005/09/12

Bad UI

  • [All pages] Text inside the sidebar boxes is nearly impossible to select in the normal way. Probably beacause of the CSS. A possible fix is to use a table for main page columns (main & sidebar). sf task
  • is a little too large. it dominates the welcome page. alternatively, you could place the links in this orange div at the bottom of the div. sf task
  • [All Pages] Perhaps it's colour-blindness, but I've tweaked my monitor and still the whole theme seems too "light" - makes my eyes go all squiffy! I realised I can over-ride it with a custom stylesheet, but would prefer a "high contrast" option on-site.
    • True. It seems we're copying a lot from the website, but what they do better, is the contrast. Our colors are too light. -- valiant 2005/09/10 sf task

Warnings and Errors

  • Search tosses errors on this and probably many other strings: * in modules/core/classes/GalleryStorage/DatabaseStorage.class at line 1238 (gallerystatus::error)
  • Error when attaching files to this topic, The original poster had the problem and I tried to attach a test text file and received errors when clicking submit.