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Greypopalbum.jpg Greypop's album view Greypopitem.jpg Greypop's item view

Greypop Theme

Although much of Greypop's HTML and CSS is taken from Matrix, this themes goal is simplicity. It has been designed for the photographer who wants to display his photos. Greypop maintains a clean appearance by having nothing in the sidebar by default and by putting a link to the slideshow at the top. The default gray color palette provides contrast for images. Photo pages provide a next previous navigator to move to photos nearby the image currently viewed. You can also turn on the lightbox feature along with the included lightbox module to have the image appear on the screen without loading the photo page.

User Defined Settings

  • Rows and columns per album page
  • Show image and album owners
  • Show micro navigation thumbnails
  • Blocks to show in the sidebar
  • Blocks to show on album and photo pages
  • Thumbnail links in dynamic albums
  • Album, Item, and Photo Frame
  • Color Pack
  • Alt text for title image
  • Show site navigation menu
  • Lightbox
  • choice of slideshow link
  • Validation button
  • Gallery 2 button
  • Donate button