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  • Author: Boner
  • Doctype: xhtml1-transitional
  • Colorpack compatible: yes
  • Image frame compatible: yes
  • Download:
  • Demo: View demo

ICE Theme

The ICE theme, for personal needs inspired by Matrix, Siriux and Carbon. It's based on Matrix, Floatrix and Carbon Theme.

It is available for Gallery 2.2.x and above.

Key Features

User defined from the admin interface:

  • Rows and columns per album page
  • Show/hide image and album owners.
  • Show/hide micro navigation thumbnails.
  • Blocks to show in the sidebar.
  • Blocks to show on album and photo pages.

  • Ability to add 'blocks' below system links.
  • Ability to add 'blocks' on album pages (below description).
  • Ability to add 'blocks' on photo pages (below description).

  • Micro navigation thumbnails of peers/parent.
  • Maximum number of micro navigation thumbnails on album and photo pages.
  • Maximum columns per micro navigation thumbnails on album and photo pages.
  • Size of micro navigation thumbnails on album and photo pages.
  • Micro thumbs page navigator.

  • Show/hide Micro navigation on album pages.
  • Show/hide details on album pages.

  • Remove system links from top.
  • Extra link/url/text for top navigation bar.
  • Copyright message to display on footer.

  • Color Pack support.
  • Image Frame support.
  • Floating Items.
  • Size of floating items thumbnails.

  • Show item links (album pages).
  • Show item title (album pages).
  • Show item summaries (album pages).
  • Show item details (album pages).
  • Show item date (album pages).
  • Show item size (album pages).
  • Show item view count (album pages).
  • Show photo sizes (photo pages).
  • Disable view image inline full size (photo pages).
  • Show image size (album and photo pages).

Color Packs:

  • Ice Carbon.

Unsupported Features

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  • To get the Floating look that is demonstrated at, make sure to go to "Site Admin/Plugins" and install "Custom Styles", then go to "Site Admin/Themes/ICE" and find the "Custom Style" dropdown and select "Ice - Floating Items No Padding"
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