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Gallery2:Themes:siriux ijonized

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Siriux_Ijonized Theme

This is Siriux theme with Lightbox added. I only tested it with Gallery 2.2, but should work also with 2.1. Current version is called 0.0.5, but it may be treated as stable - I use it for months at The only problem with the theme I see now is localization. I followed the rules from Gallery2:Localization but theme still speaks to me only in English.

User Defined Settings

  • Number of items to show per page
  • Blocks to show on album and photo pages
  • Width of page content in pixels
  • Group sub-albums by year (album must be sorted by date!)
  • Enable prev/next navigation by clicking in the left/right half of the image


  • Localization doesn't work


  • Sometimes album descriptions flows in a weird way, like here
  • Theme goes mad in Internet Explorer, temporary solution is to install theme.css from my page: [1], I'll release a new version with updated theme.css in few days



  • little changes to theme.css for proper rendering in IE and to keep album description in rectangle (resolved bug).


  • js/ directory is back at its place, I've deleted it by mistake in 0.0.3 hence this Lighbox effects haven't work.


  • basic font is now Arial, not Tahoma,
  • background is darker,
  • now it displays nicely in Internet Explorer,
  • screenshot.png added,
  • MANIFEST added,
  • little changes to theme.tpl and


  • initial public release


None at this moment