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Gallery3:Developer Handbook:Modules

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A Gallery 3 module is a collection of models, views, controllers, helpers and libraries. Modules are installed and activated via the Admin > Modules web interface. Once activated, all components of the module are available for use. The module’s controllers become routeable URLs in the web interface and its helpers, libraries, models and views become available to any other module or the active theme.

For more details on how to design and build Gallery 3 modules, see the "Creating Gallery 3 Modules" section.

Notes about modules:

  1. There can be an unlimited number of modules active at any given time.
  2. If multiple modules provide a helper, library, controller, view or model with the same name, the module that comes first in the module load order takes precedence.
  3. Modules are responsible for providing functionality and features to the application. They are not responsible for how the feature looks, that’s left to the theme.
  4. Each module must have its own unique name and that must be the name of its directory