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Basket Module

Provides a shopping basket and integration with paypal.


Basket is a module for Gallery 3 which allows you to turn you gallery into a shop selling prints of your images. Original Gallery forum post:



INSTEAD, DOWNLOAD rWatcher's corrected version download here that fixes the problem.

To install, extract the "basket" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder. Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.


There are two pages of administration that are added with the basket module, configure and product lines.


From this page you can set up general configuration items used by the basket module including

Offline paying e-mail address - this is where orders are e-mailed to when customers use the offline payment option.

Currency - this is the currency you are using in your online shop. This currency is used to determine the symbol to prefix prices with and also used to determine the currency when paying with paypal.

Use Paypal - Check this box to allow customers to pay with paypal

Paypal E-Mail Address - This is your email address that is attatched to your paypal account. This account should be set up to allow for e-commerce, so will need to be a premier or business account. For information about this please visit the paypal website

Product Lines

From the product lines page you can choose, edit and create the products that you can ship images in. As default three product lines are set up 4x6 8x10 and 8x12. You should edit these to reflect the products that you can ship in and the cost. When a client is viewing an image he or she will be able to click the "add to basket" button and choose from the list of available products

You can override the available products and costs at either the album or photo level. To do this as an administrator go to the album or photo you wish to override the available products for and choose the edit option. From here you can select the "no products except" and then manually select the products available and the price. Note that when doing this for an album then it effects all sub albums.

For instance you can edit your root album and disable all photos from being sold by clicking the "no products except" and not choosing any products. This would mean that the "add to basket" will be disabled on all photos, you can then allow a photo to be bought by editing that photo and again clicking the "no products except" and choosing the product lines available.

Postage Bands

Postage bands provide ways of adding postage and packaging costs at the checkout. Each product line can be assigned a postage band (this is done on the product line page). A Postage Band consists of a name and two numbers a fixed rate and a per item cost. A fixed rate is the postage added regardless of quantity where as the per item is the postage cost added for each individual item.

For instance here's how it would work with a couple of scenario's

If you only sold prints and always charged $5 for P+P regardless of quantity bought then you would set up a postage band called say "Fixed Rate For Prints". And have the fixed rate set to 5 and the per-item set to 0. This postage band could then be assigned to all products and as such the client would only ever get charged $5 for postage regardless of items bought.

If you sold framed prints and sent each print separately regardless of ordered quantity and wish to charge postage of $5 for each framed print then you would create a postage band called "Framed Prints Per Item". And have the Fixed rate sate to 0 and the per-item set to $5. now if a client ordered 10 framed prints, he or she would be charged $50 postage and packaging.

It might be that you post frames in the same package but wish to charge a little extra for each print as the weight increase, as such you can edit the previous postage band and set the fixed rate to say $5 and the per-item to $2. Now if a client ordered 10 framed prints, he she would be charged 5 + 2 * 10 = $25.

You can of course have many different postage bands set up and applied to different products. If a client has products from different postage bands then all the postage options are added up i.e. if he/she bough 5 prints and 10 framed prints he/she could be charged 5 (for the prints) + 25 (for the framed prints) = $30 postage

Client Experience

After adding a photo to a shopping basket, the client can view the basket at any time by clicking the basket in the top right of the screen. From that screen he or she can remove items from the basket or choose either to pay online with paypal or offline. When paying online they will be directed to paypal where the shopping cart contents will also be visable. When paying offline then he or she can put in contact details then confirm the order which will send an e-mail to the address given in the Offline paying e-mail address field provided by the administrator when setting up the module. It is then up to the received of this e-mail to get in contact with the client to arrange delivery and payment.