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Allows integration of Colorbox within Gallery 3.

Once activated, it inserts the needed JavaScript into your page for Colorbox support.
Additional configuration is required. Please make sure visit module's admin page and save settings at least once (subfolder modules/colorbox/js must be writable)

Installation / Configuration

Please install GreyDragon Shared Module before activating this module Activate the module: Login -> Admin -> Modules. Check the box next to the module. Visit Module Configuration Page to fine-tune the presentation

Please note, module does not replace default functionality of the Wind theme. The following steps are required:

  • in page.html.php comment out line <?= $theme->script("gallery.show_full_size.js") ?>
  • in photo.html.php comment out lines $(".g-fullsize-link").click(function() { $.gallery_show_full_size(<?= html::js_string($theme->item()->file_url()) ?>, full_dims[0], full_dims[1]); return false; });
  • in colorbox module configuration, specify .g-fullsize-link as a target


Necessary javascript references would be added to the page.


version 2.0

  • Added translation logic for help info
  • ColorBox updated to v1.5.5
  • Switch to use new admin panel infrastructure. GreyDragon Shared Module is required

version 1.0

  • Initial release