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Gallery3:Modules:custom fields

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Custom Fields module aims to provide a simple and intuitive way to add a custom set of (meta) fields to your Gallery Items.

Typical examples: Photographer name, season, scene, theme, color, etc but also supports counter/date/list types and so on.


Custom fields can be used to store additional information on any photo or album that otherwise would not fit nicely into title/description fields, or you just want to manage them in a dedicated place.

Features of first release candidate: - Supports multiple types of input: dropdown, radio, checkbox, freetext, integer

- Admin panel

 Admin can add/edit/delete custom fields from the admin panel, via intuitive management controls, without dealing with backend storage and such.
 Admin is able to predefine valid list of values for restricted input types (dropdown, radio, checkbox).
 Fields are sortable.

- Extension of info block:

 Custom fields that are mapped to an item can be shown in the sidebar, next to the photo.
 In here, data acts as direct link to search (search below)

- Extended Search:

 Data of custom fields can be searched (Simple single filter search or multiple filters linked with 'AND' operand)

- Custom fields can be filled at photo upload time as well as any time later on (using edit item).

Screen shots

None, yet


To install, extract the "custom_fields" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.
Configure the module: Admin -> Custom Fields.



If you desire to have links/html in the fields you can:

  1. install purifier module
  2. install ModuleOrder module
  3. in custom_fields_sidebar.html.php, changed a call from html::clean(....) to html::purify(....)
  4. move CustomFields module immediately following Purifier module


If you enjoy what the module provides or should it have actually made your day, saved your job, got you a new girl/boyfriend etc, please consider donating for the author aka me :) Donate