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Gallery3:Modules:exif sidebar

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EXIF sidebar

Adds a block to the sidebar to show EXIF data.


Adds a block to the sidebar to show EXIF data. This block can be rearranged via the sidebar admin page.
Allows the administrator to remove the EXIF dialog link. Also allows the admin to remove specific data that they don't want to show in the sidebar.

Screen shots

EXIF side admin.png
EXIF side bar.png


This module may be downloaded from the codex here.

To install, extract the "exif_sidebar" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.
Configure the module: Settings -> EXIF sidebar. Save.



Requires the EXIF module be activated.


To add this block to your custom theme add:

    <?= exif_sidebar_block::get("exif_side", $theme); ?>

where you would like the block to show. You will have to style it as needed and perhaps wrap it in a <div>...</div>.