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Gallery3:Modules:folder sync

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This module allows the synchronization of directories (albums) and files (images/videos) from a local directory on your server.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Upload source code of Folder Sync module to your server
  2. Activate Folder Sync module: Admin > Modules.
  3. Setup cronjob similar to this:
    30 * * * * php /path/to/gallery3/modules/folder_sync/cron.php
  4. Make a new folder in your server, or use an existing one, then upload your images to that folder.
  5. From the Admin Dashboard, click Settings > Folder Sync, and input the path to the folder you created.
  6. Also, there is an option to enable deletions (by default it's turned off)

Couple of notes:

  • Make sure to run the cronjob in the context of the webserver's user (e.g. apache).
  • I do NOT recommend running the cronjob more than once in an hour. If your images don't change much, it's sufficient to run it once a day.
  • The path is a local server folder, not a url

Support requests/Bug reports

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