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gplusone - Google +1 Module

Show Google's +1 Buttons on the sidebar.


This Module for Gallery 3 can be used to easily add Google +1 Buttons on every page to tag different Pictures/Collections. Please report errors here or here


* Easy Activation through Modules-Administration Panel
* You could choose if the count of +1s is shown
* Language of the tooltip is detected by Gallery 3 settings

Installation / Configuration

This module may be downloaded directly from defim's Homepage: here

To verify integrity, check the MD5sum of the .zip

To install, copy the "gplusone" folder into your Gallery 3 modules folder.

Afterwards, log into your Gallery as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.

After activation, you can setup the module under Settings -> GplusONE.

Screen shots

Wiki gplusone.jpg


MD5 2cc7080e1003cbd6a35f7c99a2ba9989