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PHPMailer Module

PHPMailer will allow gallery to send email messages using PHPMailer.


PHPMailer is a module for Gallery 3 which will allow Gallery to use PHPMailer instead of php's built in mail function.


  • Use PHPMailer when sending email messages.


This module may be downloaded from the Gallery forums here.

To install, extract the "phpmailer" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder. Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu. Once activated, you will have and Admin -> Settings -> PHPMailer Settings option. Visit this screen to configure the module.

Please note that this module does not include PHPMailer. you will need to install that on your own.


The following options are available on the admin screen --

Location of PHPMailer Class: The server path to the class.phpmailer.php file (which must be installed separately). If you're on a linux server, this should look something like "/path/to/class.phpmailer.php" and if you're on a windows server this should look something like "c:\path\to\class.phpmailer.php". Please be aware that the file name (by default class.phpmailer.php) must be included as part of the path.

From Email Address: The email address that messages will be sent from. Some SMTP server's restrict you to only sending mail from a specific address, others will let you send email from any address. Make sure the address that you specify here is valid for use with your server.

From Name: This can be anything. It'll show up on the from line in all email messages that Gallery sends.

SMTP Server Address: A valid smtp server address, ex:

SMTP Login Name / SMTP Password: The login name and password for the SMTP server, if required.

SMTP Port: The port number, default is 25 for unencrypted servers, and usually either 587 or 465 for encrypted servers, although some smtp servers may use a completely different port number.

Use SSL?: Check this box if you're SMTP server requires encryption (ex: gmail).