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Allows you to upload videos and transcode into various resolutions for high and low bandwidth visitors.


This module runs ffmpeg and will transcode uploaded videos into pre-determined video height resolutions. Widths are detected automatically to maintain aspect ratio. When a visitor views the page for the video, they'll be given a default video resolution with an option to select a different resolution if they are unable to stream a higher resolution version. Useful for down-converting HD videos to a lower resolution for lower bandwidth visitors.


This module may be downloaded from my website here. Note: I will no longer be updating gallery3-contrib git repository, as it's just easier for me to maintain one repository of all my code on my website.

To install, extract the "transcode" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.
Configure the module: Settings -> Video Transcoding page. You will be able to select which resolutions to transcode into when videos are uploaded, and also a custom path to ffmpeg if the module is either; a) unable to determine ffmpeg's location, or b) you have a custom compilation somewhere else other than the system's default installation. Save, and upload a video. Enjoy.


Support thread can be found on the forums here. Use this thread for all problems, questions and bug reports.

Change Log

  • v13 (17/09/2012) : Fix versioning issue in installed, problem preventing save after upgrade or clean install.
  • v12 (15/09/2012) : Update codebase, cleanup, fix parsing of ffmpeg output to determine codec support. Utilise ffprobe to get details of source video as it provides a JSON interface. Added "Default Resolution" field, to auto-select on the frontend as opposed to the smallest resolution available. Only display "Alternative Resolutions" if 2 or more resolutions are available. Improvement on the back of patch from v11, using item->is_movie as opposed to counting resolutions to determine whether or not to display that area. Tested with ffmpeg version 0.6.5 through 0.11.1.
  • v11 (13/09/2012) : Applied patch to prevent "Alternative Resolutions" banner appearing on photo pages and pages where transcoding has not been carried out (patch provided by Jannik Graversen).
  • v10 (11/11/2010) : Bitrate tweaks and fix to audio bitrate channel detection and calculation).
  • v9 (03/11/2010) : Final stable release. Fixed issues with crashing due to ffmpeg not detecting/recognising the input file's audio codec.
  • v8 (01/11/2010) : Bug fixes, thanks to netprince for the patch, and diverselab, jhend60, shecter and mamouneyya for help getting this working
  • v7 (30/10/2010) : Fixed issues providing an ffmpeg path and not saving correctly when no audio codecs are in the select list to begin with.
  • v6 (28/10/2010) : Fixed a bug that makes ffmpeg fall over if the input video’s audio sample resolution is not supported by ADPCM. It now fixes the sample rate to one of 11025 kHz, 22050 kHz or 44100 kHz (whichever is the next lower than the input sample rate).
  • v5 (25/10/2010) : This version actually starts working on servers other than my own!
  • v4 (Unreleased) : Test version.
  • v3 (10/10/2010) : Removed dependency on ffprobe, improved audio codec detection.
  • v2 (08/10/2010) : Removed dependency on php5-ffmpeg extension, refined audio codec selection list, add support for ffprobe to detect input video's parameters.
  • v1 (07/10/2010) : Initial Release