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Gallery3:Themes:greydragon wide wind

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GreyDragon Wide Wind Theme

Very light darker theme.

  1. Theme uses most of the original code from the wind theme for JS but with CSS frm the GDw theme.
  2. Adjusts to Full width of the browser.
  3. Uses DIGG style for paging in Albums and Individual Photo pages.
  4. Custom Theme Admin page allowing some user driven customizations.


Greydragon theme w.jpg


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To install - unpack/unzip into your themes folder, activate the theme under Admin\Appearance\Theme Choice.

Theme Configuration

Theme is designed to be up and running from the start in default state, but there are many useful options to allow tuning to your liking. Visit Admin\Appearance\Theme Options for detailed help information.


version 1:

  • Original GDw theme with some YUI grid, CSS, and JS changes to work with G3.0.6+ to make it wide.
  • Thanks to Serge D. for the original theme.