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  • Author: calleh
  • Doctype: XHTML
  • Download: codex
  • [ View demo]
  • Version: 3.1

iMobile Theme


Apparently I was not able to upload screenshot images to this wiki. Therefore here links to some screenshots. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]



  • extract the contents of the attached themedispatcher_vxx.tgz in your modules directory.
  • extract the contents of the attached imobile_vxx.tgz file in your theme directory
  • activate the "Theme dispatcher" module and configure with the "Gallery iMobile" theme and the following user agents:
    • iphone
    • ipod
    • ipad
    • mobile safari

NOTE: Windows Phone 7 and Opera Mini for Android still need testing with this theme. Mobile Safari should catch most Android phones (and unfortunately a number of Tablets). Themedispatchermodule.png

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