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Gallery3:Themes:left right wind

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Left right wind Theme

  • This theme is based on the default wind theme, but uses a wide format enabling the full width of the screen to be utilised for displaying image and album thumbnails.
  • It enables the use of the three mouse buttons - when viewing a photo you can quickly navigate to the next and previous images. The mouse wheel button displays the full size image as an overlay.
  • The theme also has keyboard navigation available.
  • Users can use the left and right mouse buttons to navigate when viewing a photo. The up arrow key will return the user to the parent album at the correct page.
  • The theme is easily customised to change the default behaviour to suit individual requirements.


  • Modal popup for full size image.
  • Modal popup for login.
  • Disables the default right click menu in the browser (e.g. Save Image as...). This makes it more difficult for users to copy and download gallery images.


  • Download the theme from and extract to your themes directory.
  • Admin -> Appearance -> Theme choice. Choose the theme.
  • Admin -> Appearance -> Theme options. Choose your settings for resized images (800px works well), thumbnail size (200px works well). An option is also available to reverse the left/right mouse click navigation