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It's easy!

Version Notes
Gallery 2 users need to install Gallery 3 and then import from Gallery 2.

Upgrading Gallery 3 takes just one minute. Get the latest copy of the code and run the upgrader. The whole process can be as simple as one click in your web browser.

Here's how

  1. Log in to your Gallery 3 as an admin user, it'll save you a step later on
  2. Replace your code with the latest official release or try the the latest experimental, unreleased 3.1.x+ code. (If this is your first time, you might want to read the unpacking tips below.)
  3. In your web browser, head over to (except use your real Gallery 3 url). If you forgot to log in as admin earlier, it'll ask you to create a temporary file just to prove that you're an admin.
  4. Follow any instructions and click the Upgrade all link
  5. Done. Treat yourself to some ice cream or maybe a fun new module!

Notes for advanced users:

  • You can upgrade from the command line by running "php index.php upgrade" instead of steps 3 and 4 above
  • The latest experimental release is the most up to date and is pretty stable, but sometimes little gotchas sneak in.

Tips for unpacking the code

  • If you're using an official release, it unpacks into a directory called gallery3. So if you've named your directory gallery3 also, you can just unpack the new version over the old version, replacing all the files. If you named your directory something else, you can unpack the new zip file somewhere else and just move the "var" directory from the old install to the new one, then rename your directories until they're right for you.
  • If you're using an experimental version, you'll see that it unpacks into a directory with a long and weird name. That name tells you exactly which version you downloaded and while that's useful for discussing in the forums, it's probably not relevant to you. So just move the "var" directory over from the old install and rename directories until you're happy. This ensures that there is no old files from your previous install that will cause issues.

Note: Ensure that the "var" directory has the necessary write permissions for the web server

Upgrading from Beta 3 or older - special notes

Due to some changes after Beta 3 was released, if you are upgrading from B3 or older then you need to make sure no old code remains behind. See ticket #882 for the gritty, technical details.

The instructions are the same as above, except that instead of just unpacking the new code on top of the old, here's what you should do:

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file into a different directory. Do not overwrite your existing installation.
  2. Move the "var" directory from your old gallery3 directory into your new gallery3 directory from step 2.
  3. Rename or delete your old gallery3 directory.
  4. Rename your new gallery3 from step 2 to what your old gallery3 directory was named.

Unfortunately, any modifications you've made to your own copy of Gallery 3 will be gone and you'll need to redo those.