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Gallery3:User guide:Gallery3:Configuration

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The admin area, Configuring Gallery 3

Gallery 3 consists of two parts: The front end and the back end or admin area.

The front end

is what a "normal" user or visitor will see when accessing you Gallery 3 installation. It displays photos, allows to browse through albums, upload pictures etc.

Here are the different areas of the front end:

G3 frontend areas.png

1. Header 2. Site menu 3. Main area 4. Side bar 5. Footer

The back end or admin area

on the other side is only accessible by admins and allows to configure Gallery 3, add or remove users, install modules, do maintenance etc. To access the admin area logon, then select "Admin" in the site menu and click on the area you want to go to. Non-admins will not see the admin menu. Please be aware that modules can add entries to the admin menu. This document only describes the parts that are available out of the box by Gallery 3.

G3 frontend vs backend.png


The Dashboard gives you an overview off your Gallery by displaying e.g. newest photos, log entries etc. You can customize the Dashboard by adding (menu in the top right), removing (little "x" at the top right of any part of the dashboard) and moving (drag and drop) parts of the dashboard.

G3 backend dashboard.png


The settings menu item gives 4 main sub-cathegories:

  1. Graphics - allows you to choose a graphics toolkit to manipulate your photos
  2. Languages - allows you to install new languages for your gallery and set a default one. It also has the translate feature for users who want to translate G3 into their own language
  3. Advanced - users can manipulate internal gallery settings, however it is not entirely recommended
  4. Comments - permissions for leaving comments can be set here


Here is where you enable/disable any module you want to use in your gallery. Every module adds further functionality to G3. To read more on modules, please go to the modules part of this user guide.


  1. Comments - this is a comments manager, where comments can be approved, marked as spam or deleted.
  2. Tags - can be deleted or renamed


  1. Theme choice - Choose what themes you want for both sides of your gallery: the user end (the actual gallery) and the admin side
  2. Theme options - Choose how many items to display per page, edit thumbnail size and re-sized image size ( both in pixels) and create header and/or footer text
  3. Manage sidebar - Select which blocks are active out of the available blocks ( this is done by drag and drop)


Users and groups

This area allows you to add new users and new groups, edit/remove existing ones and place them into groups. Grouping allows you to give access for different albums to certain groups. Moving users to groups is as easy as drag and drop from the users list to the group box.

Modifyuser.jpeg Useradmin.jpeg

Running Maintenance

To run maintenance you need to go to the Admin area and click in the main menu on Maintenance. This will open a page where you can see if the gallery needs any maintenance. The yellow parts need to run so that your gallery is up to date. This can be seen in the following screenshot:

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