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Gallery 3:Other Clients:Gallery 3 REST Client (rWatcher)

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Gallery 3 REST Client

A Windows-based program for interacting with your Gallery 3 web site.


Gallery 3 REST Client is a desktop application intended for use with Gallery 3. This program allows users to log into their Gallery 3 accounts using the REST API (requires the "REST API Module" to be installed and active on the gallery server). Once logged in, users will be able to browse through albums and thumbnails, upload photos and create new albums. Additionally, this program can also allow users to compare the contents of a remote album to the contents of a local folder in order to determine what they may still need to upload as well as what may have been modified since it was uploaded (this requires the Gallery3:Modules:itemchecksum module to be installed and active on the Gallery server).

When logging in, users can provide either their login name and password, or the REST API key found on their profile page on the Gallery web site. Also, be aware that when using this program, the options under the "Album" menu will use whichever album is currently selected in the main window.

The latest source code can be found on github here.


  • Upload photos and create albums
  • Browse albums and thumbnails
  • Compare contents of albums to contents of local folders

Screen shots

Restclient-login.jpg Restclient-albums.jpg


This module may be downloaded from the Gallery forums here.

This application is based on Microsoft's .Net Framework 3.5. You will need to have this installed on your computer in order for the program to work. This should be installed by default on Windows 7, older OS's may/may not already have it installed. If necessary, you can download this from Microsoft's web page here.

Otherwise there's nothing to install. Just download the latest zip file, extract all of its contents to a folder somewhere, and run the "Gallery Client.exe" program which will display a login prompt.