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Gallery Remote:Bundled

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Gallery Remote uses two external and native applications to manipulate images. The reason for this is primarily that the loading large images in the Java VM is not a good idea and so ImageMagick is used to create thumbnails, previews and prepare images for uploading; all in a separate memory space.

Anyway... this means that ImageMagick and jpegtran (both open-source packages) need to be set up on the machine where Gallery Remote is running (the fact that they're also installed on the server is nice, but it doesn't help) and Gallery Remote has to be configured to use them. This depends on the platform you're running...

Why would I need to install extra software?

Newer versions of ImageMagick can yield substantial improvements in the time it takes to load images into GR, often speeding that up by a factor of 2.

Also, while the full version of Gallery Remote includes basic versions of ImageMagick and jpegtran, the applet version can't install these applications for you, so it's best to add them yourself.

Standalone Gallery Remote


The Windows installer for Gallery Remote includes both ImageMagick and jpegtran, so you shouldn't have to do anything to set them up.

However, there have been reports of ImageMagick being broken in some installs. The most common is an error message that goes like this: This application has failed to start because MSVCR70.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix this problem.. You can fix this by downloading MSVCR70.dll and copying it into your C:\windows\system32 (or C:\WINNT\system32 on older NT-based systems).

If that doesn't work, you should download the full version of ImageMagick and install it.

Mac OS X

The Mac package includes jpegtran, but it does not include ImageMagick, so you need to download ImageMagick and install it. Alternatively, if you're not comfortable with the command line, here's a slightly older package from Marc Liyanage].

If you have installed the ImageMagick executable (convert) in /usr/local/bin, then you don't have to do anything.

However, MacPorts installs it in /opt/local/bin, which is not in the PATH variable that is available to Mac applications (even if you changed your .profile, that affects only applications launched from Terminal). You need to update or create the file /etc/launchd.conf so that MacPorts packages are available to Mac apps:

 sudo nano /etc/launchd.conf

and in that file, create or edit a line like:

 setenv PATH /opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11/bin

and save the file (^X and save). A reboot is necessary before these settings take effect. Please see this page for more details. Note that you can't use he $PATH variable in this file because it's not defined yet at this point. Because this affects all users, you no longer have to have a per-user .profile that includes /opt/local/bin.

Obsolete instructions

If you have installed ImageMagick using Fink or Darwinports/MacPorts you must edit the file Change the line that says:



 im.convertPath=/sw/bin/convert          (for Fink)
 im.convertPath=/opt/local/bin/convert   (for DarwinPorts/MacPorts)

Instead of editing you can just add the lines above to the file. This also works for cases where you're running Gallery Remote via WebStart or one of the applets based on GR.


The Linux package includes neither utility, but luckily, most Linux distributions include ImageMagick and/or jpegtran.

If yours doesn't, the ImageMagick site has pre-built packages. RPMs and such of jpegtran can be found everywhere.

If the packages are installed in your PATH, no further action should be necessary. If it doesn't work, you may want to edit the Gallery Remote configuration file imagemagick/ and jpegtran/ (inside the Gallery Remote installation directory) and change the value of imConvertPath (jpegtranPath) to point to the respective executables.


The only way the applet version of Gallery Remote will find and use both ImageMagick and jpegtran is if they are already installed on your computer.


Where to download


Gallery Remote (1.4.2-b24 and later) should automatically locate ImageMagick (if the reg.exe utility is available, which is the case on W2k anx XP). If it doesn't find it automatically, you need to edit the Gallery Remote configuration file imagemagick/ (inside the Gallery Remote installation directory) and change the value of imConvertPath to point to the convert.exe executable in the installation of ImageMagick.

The jpegtran.exe executable needs to be placed in the PATH on your system. Your best bet is to copy it to C:\Windows\System32 (or C:\WINNT\system32 on older NT-based systems).

Mac OS X

Refer to the Standalone section for installation.


Refer to the Standalone section for installation.