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Gallerybot Documentation

Gallerybot is the resident IRC bot in #gallery and #gallery-support. Originally developed in PHP by Andrew Lindeman, using the SmartIRC library.
Bot maintenance/development/vandalizing has since been h0bbels domain.

Available Commands

Project related

~bugurl <bug id>

return URL to given bug ID

~patchurl <patch id>

return URL to given patch ID

~rfeurl <ID>

return URL to given RFE ID


return URL to Gallery specific pastebin


return URL to sfvote page


return URL to Gallery bugtracker


return URL to Third Party Gallery 2 contributions on codex


return URL to Gallery forums


return URL to Gallery downloads


return URL to Gallery 2 localization information


return URL to Gallery 2 TPL reference


return URL to Gallery 1 FAQ


return URL to Gallery 2 FAQ


~tinyurl <URL>

return tinyurl version of url provided as <URL>

~dict <arg>

check for definition of <arg>

~spell <arg>

check spelling of <arg>

~setTimezone <arg>

set timezone offset

~getTime / ~time <nick>

get local time for nick

note to <nick>

leaves note to nick


list your notes

~delete-note <ID>

deletes note with specified ID

~get-note <arg>

displays note with specified ID

~seen <nick>

Check when nick was last seen in #gallery

~stalk <nick>

Get notified when nick speaks in #gallery

~translate <from lang> <to lang> <string>

translates string from one language to another

~urbandict <string>

get definition for <string>

~registerurl <identifier> <sprintf URL>

register an URL for an identifier

~showurl <identifier>

shows URL for identifier

~unregisterurl <identifier>

unregisters URL for identifier


lists registered urls. (Currently not working)


Shows latest version(s). (Currently disabled, needs to be fixed to work with new GMC versioncheck)

~penalty-box <nick> <seconds>

Puts <nick> in the penalty box for <seconds>. Effectively removes ability to speak in #channel for given timeframe

~full-release <nick>

Removes penalty-box effect from <nick>

~quiet <nick>

Removes voice from <nick>

~unquiet <nick>

Gives <nick> voice back

~ban <nick>

Bans <nick> from channel

~unban <nick>

Unbans <nick> from channel

~kick <nick>

Kicks <nick> from channel



Makes gallerybot laugh in an evil way

~kill <nick>

Makes gallerybot kill <nick>

~asskick <nick>

Makes gallerybot kick <nick> in the ass

~eat <nick>

Makes gallerybot eat <nick>

~badger <arg>

Makes gallerybot badger <nick>

~comfort <nick>

Makes gallerybot comfort <nick>


Makes gallerybot go hmm


Show #gallery irc stats

good bot

Give the bot a cookie

~welcome <nick>

Makes gallerybot greet <nick>

bad bot


~praise <nick>

Makes gallerybot praise <nick>


~blameray <arg>

Makes gallerybot place the blame




All Joe7


Make Gallerybot print a fortune

~fact <arg>

Shows facts that gallerybot has picked up about <arg>


Displays number of factoids gallerybot knows

~forget <arg>

Makes gallerybot forget factoids about <arg>


Shows things gallerybot has picked up factoids about recently

Known Issues

  • ~version doesn't work. Needs to be refactored to use GMC versioncheck
  • ~listurls doesn't work.
  • ~apr1Count is deprecated as the registered domainname is now expired

Feature Requests

Improve settimezone

For the timezones that observer Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time/etc., the stored timezones are incorrect for ~half the year. ~settimezone should support timezones rather than a strict UTC+/-.

Codex links

~codex Gallery:Using_Subversion ~codex-search Subversion